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More upright riding position

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Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only person in the world that is more comfortable with lower bars and higher pegs, and I've already got the lower Magni clip-ons. I find that if there is too much weight on my wrists, it usually means I'm going too slow and there's not enough wind resistance to keep me balanced 😂 

Seriously, though... I have lower back issues, and for me, a more leaned-forward position tends to be better for my back. The more upright I am, the more likely I am to wince going over bumps. I know... seems counter-intuitive... but I'm ok with it. I even see people trying to get a more upright position on the newer V7s, which boggles my mind. When I ride my wife's V7III, well... I like the bike, but if it was mine, it would have clubmans and rear-sets on it yesterday.


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To add to what Jason said ^^^^ when I was still a young pup in my late 50s, I had comfort issues with my Duck. Finally gave up and bought a cruiser. :rolleyes: Hated it.. and.. started getting low back pain for the first time in my life. Dorcia decided to kill me :grin: and sent me to a personal trainer. I thought I was in pretty good shape for an "old" guy, but he wasn't impressed. He said, "Your core strength sucks. I'll get you back on sport bikes and road bicycles in no time." He did.

If you are putting weight on the bars, especially in the twisties.. you are doing it wrong. Hit the gym and suck it up. :oldgit:

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