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  1. Hi, Up for sale is my pristine 2004 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Corsa Nero. This is a very RARE bike - only 210 made in 2004. Because this bike was very limited production and it is more than 15 years old, it is eligible for collector plates (and currently has them) where I live (Vancouver Island, Canada). Very few bikes less than 25 years old qualify for collector plates. The Corsa Nero edition includes full Ohlins suspension front and rear, upgraded Brembo brakes, upgraded dual plate clutch, and a special subtle 'checkered flag' paint job (difficult to see in pics, must see in person). This lovely machine has been further enhanced with heated grips, Mistral carbon fibre mufflers, a crossover pipe, and custom fuel injection tuning. Makes some of the best sounds I have ever heard in my 40+ years of motorcycling. Also comes with solo seat cover, an aluminum luggage rack, and small crash guards on the cylinder heads. Known weaknesses in this model are a weak shift pawl return spring, and electrical relays prone to failure...these issues have been addressed proactively with proven aftermarket parts - solutions that are a 'proper' fix. This bike handles and brakes like few others, and makes lovely waves of torque at sane riding speeds. It saddens me to list this for sale, but sometimes life throws unexpected surprises our way... I am a journeyman Motorcycle mechanic and a certified riding instructor. I know my bikes and this one is special... Only selling because I am downsizing. PLEASE NOTE The bike is located and registered on Vancouver Island, Canada. Pics here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fyxsedyozi7pg35/AAAPxebCDSWZwCLIggAEKQIOa?dl=0 For quickest response, please call or text me at two five zero, five zero eight, triple-six one. Thanks, Doug
  2. Hello, Just a quick note for anyone looking for a replacement rubber fuel cap gasket, for V11 models using the Zadi fuel cap. My 2004 V11 LeMans Cora Nero has a Zadi fuel cap. The cast aluminum base of the fuel cap assembly also says 'Acerbis' on the casting. The rubber ring that seals the cap was missing, allowing fuel to seep out through the closed cap when the tank was full...a nuisance to say the least. I learned Moto Guzzi does not list this part separately, they only list the entire fuel cap assembly...if you can get it, for many hundreds of $$. Some determined digging found an aftermarket rubber gasket made to fit Zadi caps, but all the listings I found for it do NOT mention fitting Guzzis, only Aprilia or Triumph or KTM models. Based on photographs, the caps looked just like my Guzzi, so I took a chance and ordered one. I am very happy to say this IS the correct part, it fit my fuel cap perfectly, and solved the problem instantly. Easy to install. Here is the link for a USA-based Pacific Northwest supplier: https://bestrestproducts.com/shop/guglatech-fuel-and-air-filters/guglatech-ktm/ktm-triumph-fuel-cap-gasket-zadi-key-cap-guglatech-mrt091/ Here is the link to the manufacturer in Italy: https://www.guglatech.com/en/?post_type=product&wrls_search_in=title%2Cdescription%2Ccontent%2Csku&s=MRT091 Here is a link to some pics, helping me determine it looks the same as the Guzzi cap: https://tinyurl.com/yc3jmrsh I hope this helps somebody else, and saves a bunch of searching!! Happy trails, Doug
  3. Original bike was a 1979 Suzuki GS425. Front forks / wheel are from a 1970s Honda 350 (fender installed backwards); not sure about the triple trees. Hand hammered aluminum tank and tail section. Everything copper or brass plated. Rear turn signals and brake light are brass nozzles from an HVAC cooling tower, with LEDs inserted. That's about it, I think...:-) Cheers, Doug [edit: docc copied image location.]
  4. Thanks! I cannot take any credit for this build; I bought it the way you see it. Those screen / filter things on either side of the headlight are actually functional turn signals (LEDs are under the screens)...headlight / speedo is from a 1950s Ural. :-)
  5. More pics of the same bike in this folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aae9l7oi5jvfr6x/AABsvVoIazZ4cl9S84vPojcia?dl=0 Cheers, Doug
  6. Still didn't work, even though it appeared to upload ok... OK, let's try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ul17jogl1ctrby4/IMG_5087.jpg?dl=0 Cheers, Doug
  7. Hmm. Not sure why the image did not post...I made it smaller than 200kb...I will try again...
  8. Hi, All Many thanks for the helpful comments, suggestions, and link to the tuning instructions. Looks like I need to get some cables to be able to complete the tuning process. Does anyone know where I can get the software that was referenced? Thanks, Doug P.S. Just for fun, here is a pic you might find interesting of an unusual bike I just purchased to hang from the (very tall) ceiling in my living room...let me know if you can figure out what it is!!! :-)
  9. Hi, All New to this forum, and happy to find it! I bought a 2004 V11 Lemans Corsa Nero late last summer, and I have really enjoyed a handful of rides on it so far. Happily, the bike is in excellent condition, and runs very well, with just a couple of very minor issues... 1. If I fill the gas tank all the way, fuel 'weeps' out of the fuel cap and ends up on my riding pants...not so nice. Once it is lower than maybe 7/8 full, it no longer happens. This does not seem related to pressurization; I think the fuel is literally sloshing against the cap and getting past it when the level is high enough. The cap appears to function normally, BUT I have noticed there does not seem to be any 'rubber' seal. The cap has a metal ring that is spring loaded, and when closed this metal ring presses against a raised cream-coloured plastic lip. So it is metal against plastic, which does not seem like a great way to make a seal. Today I found some parts schematics online, but the fuel cap is only shown as a complete assembly. I cannot tell if there is a rubber ring missing on mine, or not. Searching photos online has been pretty fruitless. Can anyone tell me if there is supposed to be a rubber ring, probably attached to the steel ring on the cap itself, to make a proper seal? I have searched this forum, and found a reference to 'removing the rubber grommet on the cap' to solve tank pressurization / depressurization issues. Is it possible the former owner followed this advice, and would it be the same rubber ring I am wondering about? If my only resolution is to never fill the bike more than 7/8 full I guess I could live with it, but I would rather just have the cap seal and function properly. I also read about Oberon fuel caps, but could not find a specific part number or model (since their website does not list one for the V11 Guzzis). I don't really want to spend that $$ anyhow, when I can probably find a rubber ring at my local salvage yard (presumably from a different bike). 2. The bike has Mistral mufflers which look and sound fantastic, and as far as I know stock ECU and air box. It runs well, but *occasionally* stumbles around 3 - 4000 rpm. It is not consistent. Most of the time it does not stumble, just sometimes...but when it does, it is always around the same rpms. I have not been able to determine any other constancy like outdoor temperature, bike warmed up or not, or anything else. It just seems to randomly stumble around 3k - 4k on steady throttle. Any thoughts or comments related to the above, are most welcome! Thanks, Doug
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