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  1. 25 minutes ago, LowRyter said:

    These bikes haven't been getting any cheaper for well maintained models. 

    no offence to anyone, but these bikes don't pull much.  i saw a Tenni take weeks to sell at $4,000 last year.  and i've seen Nero Corsa's for sale for a very long time at $6,000, and are still available.  i've also seen many non-top tier V11's for sale for $4,000 for many months and counting...

  2. 17 hours ago, pete roper said:

    The engine is the least of your worries. There are plenty of 'Weak Points' in a V11 but the majority of them are the result of ignorance and abuse. 40K on a 2V pushrod Guzzi engine, if it has been serviced and tuned regularly and correctly, is nothing.

    If, on the other hand, it has been *Worked*, *Hotted up* or been *Improved* by an idiot? All bets are off.

    If the advert contains words like 'K&N air filter', 'Power Commander', 'Dyno-Tune' or 'Performance'. Especially in So Cal? I'd tread carefully and carry a very big stick........

    bone stock.  stock exhaust and even has the OEM reflectors on the front fender...

  3. looking for a clean V11 Le Mans, could be any of the variants but ideally a 2002 champagne Le Mans is what i'm after.  doesn't have to be in, but nearer to the southeast would be best.

    let me know if you have one for sale, i'm looking to buy when i find the right bike.  all OEM but extra credit for MG titanium pipes.  Chris... 


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