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mirror extenders


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I just bought a 2007 Breva 750. On my first ride I look in my mirrors and half the view is my shoulders. Are extenders available (that look good) and that will give me a better view behind me? I'm used to a 1980 Yamaha XS1100SG where I sit upright and can see everything behind. My first ride on my Breva was great except for this one (but key) limited visibility issue. :P

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mirrors like on the 1200 sport are fine, is same as several aprilia's and stelvio. And not expensive.


A guy I know has these mirrors on his 750 Breva and loves them. I also have them on my Norge and they are the best. I don't know that they would extend out more to the side than the standard ones, but the elongated shape may solve the problem you're having.

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