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Stelvio Purchase


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OK, I have read the posts here and learned quite a bit. There is a new Guzzi dealer in my area and he has two Stelvio's on the floor. I really have the bug to go ahead and buy one but am of course somewhat put off by all of the valve issues discussed here on the list. I would like to know if you all here feel that the problmes have been taken care of and would you recomend buying an 8V engine equiped machine. Any tips or opinions would be of help in diciding if I will go ahead and take the chance. I have owned several Guzzis and presently own two. I have had my issues with them in the past but nothing that I could not either fix or have fixed. It would be nice to know if the new engine has been sorted out yet or will I be looking at a bit of a lottery as to if I will get a "runner" or not. This new dealer is pretty inexperienced and I doubt that some thing like a "failed engine" would be fun for either one of us to get sorted out.


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From what I've been told it was a bad tappet problem. If you buy a new Stelvio just make sure that the tappets have been replaced & you should be a happy camper. The only people that had problems were the very first owners that bought the bikes & rode them before the problem was discovered.

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