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Guzzi museum revamp for 100th birthday

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Translation by Google:

Nico Cereghini: "Will the Guzzi museum be beautiful?"
November 2, 2020 - The Piaggio Group Board of Directors approved the
redevelopment project of the Moto Guzzi museum and the entire production
area of Mandello. It will be a famous archistar to take care of it.
Even if there is no other news for now, fans rejoice

Hello everyone! At the end of September, when I anticipated that Moto
Guzzi's 100th birthday would be celebrated in 2021 (read the article),
many of you raised the theme of the Mandello museum. It is too
neglected, several comments criticized, "it's a shame!" some directly
accused. Well, I want to give you some good news: even the president and
top management of the Piaggio Group realize that the museum is not up to
par. And now the board of directors has approved the redevelopment project.

There are no precise figures or times, but the resolution is a fact: it
was decided that the works will begin next year and will cover the
entire area of the Mandello Lario plant, from production to the
offices and halls of the museum. It is also known that the project was
entrusted to Greg Lynn, American architect and designer, member of the
United States Artists, awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in
2008 and many other international awards; and who is also CEO of Piaggio
Fast Forward, the team of innovators “which aims to build lightweight
mobility platforms that offer innovative solutions for the movement of
people and goods”. In short, a beautiful head already involved in the group.

What matters is that, although times are not exactly ideal, those who
have the fate of Guzzi in their hands seem determined to invest millions
of euros in the prestige of the brand. Even the mayor of Mandello
Riccardo Fasoli, on the pages of Corriere della Sera, is delighted with
the good news, rumors have been circulating for months and the
ratification of the board of directors is the expected turning point.
For Mandello it is a panacea, the museum has always attracted Italian
and foreign enthusiasts, but above all we understand that such an
investment means that the company will remain here, on the lake where it
was born a century ago and where the history of motorcycles was made.

I believe, and I am certainly not the only one, that no museum in the
world could come close to that of the Moto Guzzi, once it has been
rethought and recreated. There are other even older houses - Gilera is
from 1919, the first Harley is even from 1903 - but the eagle house has
an absolutely unique history. It is enough to mention a symbol such as
the famous wind tunnel: here in Mandello technical innovation and
creativity have been breathed, the most extraordinary successes in
international races have been built before world-wide. Men of enormous
talent met on the shore of the Lario, names like Omobono Tenni, Bruno
Ruffo or Giulio Cesare Carcano with his incredible Otto cylinders: no
other brand has reached this high.

I don't know this Greg Lynn, one of the ten most influential architects
in the world for Forbes magazine. But I already envy him. If he has a
bit of passion for motorcycles, imagining and designing the Moto Guzzi
museum will be a magnificent adventure for him.

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With thanks to Patrick Hayes of the Google Group 'Guzzi Singles'(Sorry,its not a dating site) who supplied the article andits translation.

  Meanwhile,We are all waiting for the virtual EICMA...will  a new V85 Le Mans be revealed?

Greetings from Cork!



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