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CARC Throttle Body balance and TPS reset


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Really does make a difference.   Recent purchase of my 48,000 Mi 07 Norge and while I love it and it reminds me of riding in the 1970's bike, it felt kinda raw and in a torquey tractor way, powerful.

 Finally got around to having decent 40ish degree F sunny weather to get into the garage to do my first CARC Throttle body balance and TPS reset using new tools on Hi Ho Silver w/48,000 Miles.   With my new Carbtune in hand and Guzzidiag connected I got'er done.  S M O O T H... even as it was not that far out of compliance and pretty easy to do now in the rear view mirror.  Would have been very challenging to  accomplish it without A LOT of reading, some new tools and guiding insight from some very helpful individuals who write directions quite well. Something very difficult to do.

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