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Breva 1100


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Quilled_Breva_01.jpgI've just had a Quil exhaust system put on my Breva 1100 - brilliant decision! The system replaces the stock collector box and silencer - it's given the following improvements:


* Got rid of the snatchy throttle response at low revs - now it's as smooth as my Scura!

* Improved the ground clearance of the centre stand - now the first thing to touch down is the foot peg!

* Reduction in weight of about 5 pounds - guessing this, but definitely a LOT lighter!

* Much crisper throttle response throughout the range - not had it Dyno-tested yet, but I suspect several bhp up on standard.

* Improved looks - this is very subjective, but I think it's much better looking than the standard system.

* Improved sound - a definite sharpening of the exhaust note - not loud, but much more 'meaty V-twin' - if you know what I mean!


The system is available as standard position, dropped to accommodate the luggage, or high level - mine is dropped to allow the luggage to be fitted.


I ordered it over the phone and rode up to Quill (JB Racing in Warrington) to let them fit it - excellent day out, really great guys, and a really good price.


This might sound like an advert for Quill, but I have no connections, just a very satisfied customer.


Web link for Quill, if you fance a look - http://www.quillexhausts.com/

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