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  1. I'm looking for a MK1 Le Mans , might consider a MK2 or lookie likely MK1 . Cash waiting in the UK .
  2. UK based , I'm looking for a Guiliati or similar dual comfort seat . Cash waiting !
  3. Gents yes , I am guilty . Yes it's a big ask price wise , but .....and hopefully the pictures show this , it's a minter . No it's not totally original , yes it has aftermarket slip ons and cross over , heated grips and a gezzi brian belly pan, but that isn't really a crime here is it . I also have another V11 which also under went a full restoration at the same time , so to bag a MK1 Le Man to add to the collection, something has to give, but I'm in no hurry, I actually rode it today and was glad it hasn't sold. Probably put both the V11' s back in the house on show over the winter now and keep my eyes peeled for that MK1 .
  4. Cheers Steve , I guess I should have just sent you a text first mate . I'll get some ordered Monday .
  5. Well it's actually for a griso , I wasn't aware they were different to be honest so stand corrected, question still stands though , someone must be in the know ? Even I I have to get it shipped from the US .
  6. Hi Guys , does anyone know where I can buy some Tenni green paint . I'm looking for half a litre of based coat . Many thanks Bryan
  7. I am looking for a Gaman dual seat for my Mk2 Le Mans , I can offer an original or a new reproduction original seat in trade or outright purchase . Anyone got one they want to part with ?
  8. Mistral reverse cone with cross over.
  9. Yes polished , and yes had to go to the wholesalers for the elbow grease.....😀
  10. I'm certainly hoping this will be welcome here 02 /03 I think ? European model I think .... Holland ? Anyway here in the U.K. Now and UK registered , i restored it last year , think it looks ok now. ZGUKTA0202M211144
  11. Long time lurker .....thought it was time I updated with a few images of my bikes
  12. Dietcokeman


  13. I actually bought this bike from Steve S from this very parish , and I stripped the bike and carried out a little refurb to the whole bike. The headers were removed and I applied lots of elbow grease and metal polish on an electric polishing mop. Autosol is good for this .
  14. Well I just bagged one last week, it's now in bits all over my garage floor...........checking all the bearings and other know issues whilst the winter is here, and hopefully it will all be sorted by the time spring is here, although to be honest it's pretty sorted already .
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