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  2. Spare a thought for the journo in the red leathers John Cantlie. He has been a prisoner of IS for 5 years, and was held in Raqqa and forced to make propaganda videos- hope he comes home one day soon.
  3. Great job with a fantastic end result- well done- a Guzzi to be proud of!
  4. I have a Daytona RS rear subframe somewhere in my garage......
  5. Daytonas definitely have an external fuel pump, same as pre-2003 V11s. Not sure about the Daytona fuel tank fitting your V11- I am sure it is possible but you may end up changing other parts like the seat unit to help make it fit. Would probably be easier and cheaper to slot in a complete Daytona / Centauro engine in place of your V11 motor, rather than try and work out what you need to do to mate the 4 valve top end onto your V11 crankcase. You could then sell your V11 engine to part fund this. I know a few others on this forum have done exactly this and can probably advise how it is done. Cheers Guy
  6. Sorry to see her go Jaap but I know exactly what you mean. Am pondering whether to sell my Raceco Daytona in the Spring- one or two track days a year does not really justify keeping her. At least the GB is still within the family so you can stroke her now and then.
  7. Thanks guys! I was comparing Helen's bike to my friend's Tenni which has two button head bolts holding in the tail light but I have now sussed this is non-standard. Upon further inspection llooks like M6 stud has broken hence why it is loose. Time to dig out the duct tape! Thanks again Guy
  8. We are on a road trip in Europe and the tail light on Helen's V11 Sport is hanging loose because the two screws that fasten the tail light unit to the rear mudguard have disappeared. Does anyone know what size they are please?
  9. Thanks for all your comments. It must have been something else causing the fuel leak because when I put everything back together she mysteriously started to run perfectly again and stopped leaking fuel. May have been something as simple as a slightly loose connection to the fuel pressure regulator, which sits not too far behind the right hand injector. A happy ending- but thank you to everyone who chipped in with advice.
  10. I rode Helen's V11 Sport to work yesterday because she had been complaining it was running badly at low revs. Sure enough, it was coughing and spluttering and when I got home I noticed a strong smell of fuel and a leak below the right hand injector. I have just taken the tank and airbox off so I can get to all the fuel hose clamps but everything is tight so I am wondering whether injectors themselves can leak? I have read a few old posts on here that seem to indicate this can be the case. Any thoughts or suggestions boys and girls? Cheers Guy
  11. Sad news indeed- R.I.P. Todd
  12. Yes K & N make a filter for the stock airbox.
  13. Happened to me too on the way back from a track day a few years back- bike started sounding like a Harley then I noticed the big crack- as Hubert says it can happen on the bikes with a front crossover.
  14. You could get a very large tankbag on that fuel tank, and plenty of room for throwover panniers and a tail pack on the back. Looks like a luxurious grand tourer to me!
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