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  1. I bought a TDC indicator after the intake valve closed indicator pushed TDC. 30 bucks or so on Amazon.
  2. Thanks Phil Ill add to my spec sheet, Like I said I had it before but misplaced it.
  3. I had i once cant remeber what it is. thanks Rob
  4. I have a little stumble pop at right of throttle under load really small and only if i slowly roll the throttle. If i open it faster it seems to be fine.When im on the gass its good. I used that Titanium cans tuning I posted. I used the 2002-2003 version. Everything smoothed out awesome Checked valve lash .006 intake 0.008 Exhaust.CO trim is at +5 I had some problems getting it there but will get it to 0 again forgot how I did it, had to use Scura in the preferences. I will try the 2001 version is has a larger baseline throttle setting almost a degree more and see what that does but I'm almost there.Or ill try to adjust it out with the air screws. Or I can connect the 2 vacuum ports like the were originally. Thanks fro everyone's help and Merry Christmas. Rob
  5. what do you think they mean tune right TB throttle potentiometer till 465mv ? is this the idle screw?
  6. What is the best way to really get them cleaned out. Is there a seat in there. Pipe cleaner. I tried to find a diagram that shows where they go . Is it just a passage into the TB. If so is the orifice the approximately the same size as the end of the screw. Rob
  7. Whats with the different tuning procedures. Is it the ECU difference. Between the15m and 15 rc. Thanks
  8. It started when i change exhaust from M4 cans and crossover to Minstral cans and got rid of crossover in front.. Tb synced and tps set and airscrews cleaned and new plugs . I guess ill check valves. But it is only on the right side TB.
  9. As stated above, checked with ether around TB no rpm change. just changed Tps no change. what gives Coil and wire,I think. Anybody have suggestions.Actually felt TB for spitting and its the right for shure. On idle also got backfire through exhaust.
  10. K and n followed your tune up valves adjusted last year only 900 miles ago carbmate sync.
  11. Stock box no lid like before i changed it had M4 with some sort of xover. Ran awsome just a little pop at 3000 3500 sometimes.
  12. I have a crossover under the bike i meant no header crossover in front of the engine. What should my co trimm be at? Docc, Minstral headers, and cans,and crossover. sorry for being so vague.
  13. Mg cycle has a ram low inertia clutch. It says that it will bolt to a v7 V11 ect. has anybody have experience with this being true.
  14. Changed to full Mistral exhaust without crossover and gave the tune up idle set at 1100. there is a bad pop at 1500. co set at 0. Had a pop or cough at 3000 to 3500 with crossover and M4 cans . any suggestions. Thanks Rob
  15. Docc When it reads the Ecu that is what comes up. I cross referenced it with the number of the Titanium map in the archives. It does not have a preferance for an 04 lemans but I selected one that used the 15m Ecu and as close to the model year as I coudl. I think it was the Rosso Corsa.
  16. I set up Guzzi diag. good news is I have the Titanium fuel map and says co is set to 0. bad news is when i try to get into the co trimm adjustment it says that diagnostics cannot be accessed. I tried it with the engine running also. Help please. Everything reads good do I need to backup the map first. Rpms and temp and throttle value were reading is it safe to assume that the co is reading good to, it was at 99 for temp. Help. thanks Rob
  17. Is the gasket the spacer and O ring seals Right or wrong. Thanks Rob
  18. I installed pazzo levers and really don't like the friction point of the clutch now. I have adjusted the screw and it changed a little. Basically the clutch engages really far out but dies not slip. does it bleed like everything else. Squeeze lever open bleed shut bleed release. Don't let fluid is Res. suck air ect. Or is it better to push fluid from slave cylinder. Or pull with vacuum? Thanks Rob Bike is 04 Le mans.
  19. Colorobo


  20. Crossover or no crossover whats the difference. thinking of changing and getting rid of crossover. Help Thanks Rob bike is 03 Le mans
  21. Anybody use a fuel injector additive cleaner like BG 44?
  22. What are your marcozzi settings? I have pre load at 10.5 and the rebound all the way backed off. Just curios.
  23. Is the air gap measurement the same at 100 mm or add the oil specified and make them equal? Thanks Rob
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