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  1. Hi Andy...I'll take 'em. PMing you....
  2. Enjoyed the "string" and memories brought back. As luck would have it, I'm wearing a T-shirt from "Frank's Place Bar/The World's Farthest North Biker Bar" acquired in Fairbanks in 1992. Rode an '88 Softail (fuel capacity: 4 gal.) from Tucson via a HOG rally in Reno up the Alcan...which also happened to be its 50th construction anniversary. The HD dealer at the time was located in IIRC a log cabin looking building...and was even back then fighting HD's corporate push to standardize dealer's "look". (A battle I see they lost googling the current Fairbanks dealer.) Anyway, the then owner had spent time in SE AZ...so we spent some time shooting the breeze...I recall sitting in a barber shop chair with some of the help wondering if we had seen the same whores given our animated conversation. He poo-pooed returning on the Alcan...and said a return via the Cassiar would be less...well...pedestrian. Challenge accepted. Still have my copy of The Milepost from back then. And still have the '88 HD. Oh...now with a 5 gal. tank.
  3. Throttle cable/linkage interference caused my high idle problem....
  4. I have the previous iteration of the Speedhut speedometer. Lamp/needle lighting are on switched power, the GPS is hard wired to the battery. I measured a 100mA with the ignition switch off. Luckily, I can easily disconnect the speedo from the battery..as long as I remember to do so!
  5. First one was this (representative pic, didn't own a Polaroid back then....).
  6. Was waxing the V11 the other day and discovered the guts of my RH front turn signal wanted to come out with the lens loose and not wanting to snap back in place. The signal's front had all my attention. Ordered a replacement. Buffing it out today, I noticed a screw on the back side of the turn signal. Tightened it up....all is well. Guess I need a time out before replacing the cam belts on the Ducati....
  7. https://www.designengineering.com/ I've used material from these guys to protect the radiator hose on my Pan Am from header proximity. Lots of good stuff for gearheads.
  8. A modest realignment..sold the F6B, got the Pan Am. Thursday in Pawnee works for me.
  9. I'll be in the Harper/Anthony KS area Thursday AM so could make either one. Which Pawnee restaurant?
  10. I've got a surplus speedo cable off my 2004 V11 having gone the Speedhut route. Got it from MG Cycle a few thousand mile ago and bent it a bit more to clear my throttle linkage. Works fine...replaced the gauge due to issues with the trip odo. Preference given to the first one that calls dibs AND shows up at Cedar Vale, KS next month for a hand-off. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/topic/28546-cedar-vale-ks-spring-2023/
  11. Installation complete and road tested. All is well. Dial and needle lighting go thru switched power, the GPS runs direct to the battery. Was surprised that the GPS current draw (pre- and post signal acquisition) was just over 100mA, which explains why my battery was so low after sitting for two days. Fortunately, I can break the connection to the battery easily to avoid running it down. Oh...Speedhut is discontinuing their current gauge models ("EL lighting") and replacing them with "LED lighting" 1 May 2023. They will look different at night, so if you're running a Speedhut/OEM combo and thinking of replacing the OEM in the future, you might want to get your order in. I was also told the face of the new gauge has a slightly different "texture" and will also not match. On the plus side...no inverter required for lighting!
  12. Ok..now can we discuss the merits of consuming 8.8lb of this.....material....daily?
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