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  1. Selling anything on FB marketplace is a crapshoot. I don't understand why so many people take the time to respond, say they will meet up and then totally flake out. ...and don't get me started on the "Is it still available" button response.......
  2. Looks like all the MotoGP elements, FP, Qualifying, Races will be shown streaming on Max, the BR (Bleacher Report) sports segment. Right now BR is free, if you have Max, but it may be additional $ in the future. TrueTV, which is part of TNT also shows sprint races and the Sunday show. YaY!
  3. Sold. Thanks V11LeMans.com!!
  4. These are used, but great shape shims. They are used to replace the stock exhaust cross over gaskets, which easily get loose and cause the dreaded "Floppy X-Over" condition, as well as exhaust leaks and tons of frustration. Anyway I converted my bike to separate Mistral down tubes, so I don't need them any more. Asking $30.0 +shipping costs. Thanks! Andy
  5. I just came across a set of these in my parts shed that I got from "way back when". I've converted my bike to remove the cross over, so I don't need them anymore. I'll post them up for sale on the classified.
  6. I had two small bubbles on my RC tank prior to coating the inside with Caswell "Dragon Blood" epoxy. I did use a small needle to pierce the paint layer. There actually was water/ or alcohol emulsion inside the blister, which I pushed out. I didn't apply heat ( and I don't think heat is a good idea here). I did this probably 15 years ago and now the only person who notices any difference in the paint, is probably me...its really hard to see the small pin hole, and the paint/graphic layer looks good. My blisters were small, so I can't say this would work for you, just my experience, FWIW
  7. I'm with the others...go back to stock on the wheel colors and black on the hugger. If you can't find a stock set of clip on handlebars, you may be able to use some convertibars: https://convertibars.3dcartstores.com/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Lemans-Bike-Specific-Kit_p_200.html Happy riding, they are great bikes, love mine for over 20 years now!
  8. Congratulations Pete and thank you for all that you have done, contributed over all these years making Moto Guzzi such a special community of enthusiasts. If your next chapter in life (retirement) is anything like mine you will wonder how you ever had time to do that thing we call "Work"!
  9. Anybody else thinking about going this year? I've wanted to attend for some time now and finally pulled the trigger. I'll be doing the ride the previous day on my '03 Rosso Corsa too. I think the ride fills up quickly, as it usually sells out. My motto "Fun ain't cheap" applies here too! https://www.axs.com/events/514048/the-quail-motorcycle-gathering-2024-tickets
  10. My 2 cents: I purchased a 2022 Guardia d Onore V85 (The black and white Oreo bike), because it came with all the nice to have items (center stand, tall windscreen, fog lamps and a full aluminum case set). Just these items would set you back about $1500 to add on if bought separately. My dealer advised me to avoid the heated grips and especially the "MIA" Guzzi add on to link your phone to the dash display. I added a set of Oxford brand heated grips to the stock wiring loom, so they runs off the Guzzi switch gear. Much cheaper and more effective than the stock MG grips. I use a Zumo XT for route finding, so that takes the place of the problematic MG MIA set up. I'll say its a decent bike, but doesn't have the push, or soul, of my V11 Le Mans. Its good to about 80mph and then it starts running out of gas, but the upright riding position, handling and gear carrying capability is nice for certain longer rides. The wind turbulence is ridiculous on the stock bikes....small tornados come up the tank cut outs for the front suspension and the windscreen seems to be designed to funnel buffeting. Its one of the biggest complaints, but I have worked it out to a decent level with an add on top scooter wind screen, home made "mouse ear" wind deflectors on the tank, additional raised hand guards and front headlight guard...... My LeMans fairing is a lot better at cutting smoothly through the wind. I agree that the Evocative "Captain America" is a great looking color scheme!
  11. Mission accomplished! The connector between the output wires to the spade connectors was the culprit on my bike. No need to replace the regulator. I redid the spade connectors on the pigtail connector, hit up everything with Caig brand cleaners, then Vaseline and did some voltage checks. Standing Odyssey battery voltage was at 13.1, then on start up, when run up to about 2500 showed a charge of high 13's to max 14.1. I ended up getting one of the Battery Tender brand plug in voltmeters, and checked it against my hand held, so it looks like a nice "peace of mind" item to get some easy readings with. Thanks everyone with the great input, suggestions and help!
  12. Yes, I've got that on the calendar for tomorrow's fun...I'll clean up, replace the connector and reinstall. like most Guzzi owners I'm a cheap @%$@! I checked all the regulator wires for short to ground and they were all good, so its a possibility that the regulator is still good, and that resistance at the connector was the problem. My main ground to case wasn't very clean either, so that has been cleaned up too. fuse holder, fuses, and relays are all good too, so its just a charging problem.
  13. Funny the things you find when you go looking.... Time for a new regulator for my V11! Andy
  14. 4K to 6K seems to be the sweet spot for me. Not much more to gain above 6K revs but my bike will pull fine to redline if I want it to. Cruise is probably around 4500 to 5000 in 6th.
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