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  1. Is anybody currently operating as business?
  2. Purchased second hand for 1000 from a former V11 owner on BARF. Even the previous owner only had then installed very briefly I was told. Comes with the original documentation too for those who wish it as well. Never put them on the bike for more then a week, bike did run excellent without making ecu adjustments. Going with a different look, Instead. will ship world wide. Pictures on request.
  3. I just don’t wear it anymore. Great little pack. Waxed Sealed. Located in Calgary https://ibb.co/9gWSxBD
  4. Reverse Retro Bar End Mirrors. Great Shape. Intentionally Mismatched. Located in Calgary. Can’t upload photos but can email if requested. https://ibb.co/fxqdZRB
  5. What did you replace them with if you don’t mind me asking? There are a couple of full set systems on EBay, I actually did come across my Stock crossover but it looks pretty pathetic, needs a good clean at the very least. But for now I will grab some headers from MG or Guzzi Tech. Thanks for the sound bite on the cans btw. Those sound ferocious. I may steer closer to that direction in the end. I’ll reach out to Vlad and Staintunes to see how tho he are over there.
  6. I have also read that the MIVVS are a good option as well. With DB killers out are they really that insanely loud?
  7. Thanks, yeah time to get cracking here and do some much needed modifications. Thanks for then heads up. Ill start poking around to see if there are any for sale. Its a shame, I paid 900USD for the Xbox some time ago. One thing that was noticeable was the obvious reduction in weight. I might have my old crossover hanging around, I have read that the Mistral and Stuchhi crossover are good alternatives. and that the FBF is susceptible to cracking. Anyone selling a Stucchi?
  8. I have been absent for quite some time but I am finally putting some work into my bike now that I have an abundance of time. I bought an exhaust system from a V11 Owner in San Fransisco, for a pretty penny too, but I didn't like the look of it and want to go back to the dual pipes. I do prefer the dual exhaust compared to the one small outlet underneath the gearbox from Quat D. The Xbox does clean the bike up and has a nice sound but I am a believer of Loud pipes Save lives. Is there anything out there ALOT more loud and throaty? Guzzi Tech in California seems to have some pipes that may fit the bill, and so does MG Cycle. Need some help to point me in the right direction. Might be looking to sell the Quad D system if I find the right combination of crossover and mufflers.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-V11-6-speed-tranny-polished-stainless-screws-bolt-kit-POLISHED/372643449830?hash=item56c347cbe6:g:ttEAAMXQltxQ5UYy Does this help?
  10. WOW This exact issue happened to me 2 weeks ago and spooked me pretty good. I had to Kill it on the highway but to a few seconds to "calmly" figure out what was causing it to go full throttle. (exact position it was when I decided to one itup) And yes the white twisty thing was caught on the rear shock precharge. I intended to post it on here and im sorry I didnt. Glad all is ok.
  11. Looking for a new(ish) one. Please and thanks.
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