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  1. Problem solved! After having issues and replacing the starter, added a new battery, cleaned all the ground terminals, added 5 new 5 pin OMRON relays (courtesy of the very fine Doc), the final fix that resolved my starter woes was adding a new relay. (Not OMRON, LOL) Roy offers a very simple drawing on how to add this relay. And it really only took about 25 minutes. Thanks to everyone offering their input!
  2. Lord Tundering Jesus, my bike now starts like a normal persons bike. I really can’t beleive it. Thanks Doc, thank you Roy, very well done! The only thing next for my bike to do is burn to the ground but I double checked and my bike is properly grounded at the back of the gearbox and not the rear seat lock!
  3. Step 1 So I run the old trigger wire to terminal 85 on the relay. And then 86 goes to a good ground. step 2 Run a new lead from terminal 87 on the new relay to the spade connecter on the starter motor solenoid. step 3 and it’s just confusion, terminal 30 on the new relay (14-16 gauge wire) goes to the...........(I’m confused by the image, if it is either the positive terminal on the battery or the large terminal post on the starter that the new lead goes to). thanks!
  4. I have added a new oddesy battery, brand brand new starter, five newer relays courtesy of the great “Doc” I have conversed previously with Roy and have to give him a hat tip for all his electrical and mechanical prowess. I’m definitely going to need a visual on what the actual wiring looks like on the bike. I’m very much interested in applying a new relay to my 2004. I am tired of the dreaded click. It used to be that my starter needed a little top with a hammer but now it’s a whole new ball of wax. thank you for the wiring diagram Roy, anyone monitoring this topic have this added relay to their younger v11s? I love to see some actual pictures.
  5. https://www.findchips.com/search/G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 For those who use this type of relay here’s a master link that will send you to numerous suppliers of the coveted relay. If it doesn’t format properly when you click the URL insert this product number Now. G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12
  6. Sorry I’ve been absent for a day. I’m gonna have to take a look on the wiring diagram to see how to inspect the clutch switch. Doc the relays are on their way. also thank you for advice I will take the tank off again and get things inspected on that side of the bike. What I can say from just a recent test I did just now when I jump from 30 to 87 it’s still a very weak start but now the bike is starting up but it’s very weak even when I press the start button with a fully charged battery it doesnit exactly jump to life it does sound a little bit weak so possibly a connection from the start button all the way along the side of the bike could have a bad connection? Sorry this message is short it’s getting late I’ve got a run home quick. It might be worth reporting back once I have the relays. I’m also about to order the hicap Power and ground cables from Gutsbits.
  7. No luck. As it turned out my battery did need to be replaced. So, PC545 is all topped up and we still have no luck. I use two methods to start the bike, however I’ll start fresh with my situation. Ignition is armed, neutral light is on, kickstand sensor is disabled, when I clock the starter the lights dim slightly, and the relay clicks, I don’t hold it long cause I don’t want to blow that fuse. I have a new starter, brand new battery, I have brushed clean all the contacts from each ground wire to the batter including the earth wire to the back of the gearbox. Power wire is as clean as a whistle. Power very clearly does get to the starter cause I can hot wire the bike two superset ways which are still pretty much the same. One mentioned here by running a wire from the solenoid blade to the positive terminal on the starter, that works fantastic. Roars to life. the second I’ll quote from KiwiRoy Remove the start relay and poke a wire into 30 and 87 this should make the bike crank (so make sure it's in neutral or on the center stand) If it cranks this will eliminate the starter and solenoid from suspicion. This did not work or do anything g whatsoever however thinking about it now I did not have my clutch in at the time I might have to try that again to see if that was necessary to engage the clutch. Pin layout ---- 30 ---- 87 | | | 85, 87a. 86 Later bikes power the 30 terminal through the ignition switch and fuse 4 (a mistake IMHO) Try poking the wire into 87 then touch the other end onto battery Positive (+) terminal. This makes my bike ROAR TO GOOD LIFE which I suspect confirms the quality of the connection from that lead that connects to 87 On the really to the solenoid blade is top notch. The 87 socket goes directly to the trigger terminal of the starter solenoid, check it's got a good connection down there. i’ve swapped all of the relays around. I have new omrons on the way. I will say one thing after hotwiring my bike I noticed right after I shut it off I tried to start it back on again you could almost feel the starter trying to engage once or twice and then after a third click of the starter button it wouldn’t work. In fact after hotwiring a couple times after shutting it down I was able to start it up again right away but only once. I started it up again shut it down and I haven’t been able to replicate restarting it using the starter button but it does feel like. I can imagine maybe one or two relays being trouble but all of them it’s very strange. Either way I’ll keep plugging away at it.
  8. While I was out today I just happen to see a Magnacharge was in my town I didn’t realize. Picked up a new PC 545 odyssey battery, playing a round of golf while they give the new battery a bit of a boost. Will report back.
  9. Looking deeper it seems I should be able to run lead right from the solenoid to number 87 on the relay if I can do that in some slick way at least that would rule out any bad connection on that lead at least which I suspect. If that doesn’t work I’m really lost at what to do next. We’ll find out tomorrow when I check the battery though.
  10. “The small blade connector on the starter is the power wire from the relay that operates a solenoid inside the starter to engage the main starter contactor.‘’ I’m curious if you recall which particular prong that power comes from on the relay. I have Keewee Roy’s map of which prong roughly you use to troubleshoot a starter... but I’m not sure how I could use it to my benefit. If I could create a connection direct from the relay blade right to the blade on the solenoid I could rule out or not if that wire was damaged somehow.Thank you.
  11. No sooner did I find them I came back here to report my findings and here you are. Thanks! Cause of the lack of picture I confirmed the ITN number and product number off an personal ad that was posted not long ago about Omron relays for sale.. The bag of relays had the website which I followed too. time to order 10! Would like to get the bike running with any one of my current relays however hot wiring my bike will be good enough for the next day or to so I can head over to a friends and get a multi meter and some advice.
  12. Doc, it appears the Omrons are obsolete or unavailable. I did see The Panasonic’s at DigiKey and also GEI at pyro Dan’s. I’ll continue some digging.
  13. I have been doing some digging on past relay threads and you bet I am going to replace everything with Omron, I beleive you made a post I was digging into about the model number for the exact 5 pin I’ll poke around online for some of those relays right now. Wondering if Amazon is a good bet. Of AF1 racing. MG cycle? Thanks Doc
  14. It was my intention to do it when I woke up GStallions, low and behold it worked, roared to life! I was going to run a line from the battery but then the thought of take off the seat was just too much! Lol. So it turned, my bike is running and I can finally hear the new pipes roar. Now I just need to solve the problem my bike seems to have, I wonder if that line from the relay to the solenoid became compromised somehow. I’m gonna have to do a very close inspection and take a few things apart. Uuuuuugh! Thank you! Adding to this post, does that solenoid lead make its way directly to just one of the prongs on the Starter relay? My next step once I find a matching blade connector is to just replace it, and possible inspect the relay deck as well. just to be sure though, a 5 prong relay will still start the bike correct? That absent middle prong isn’t any use for the start sequence?
  15. I definitely have a armadillo that wants to dance!! I did use a wire to bridge the positive to the blade and worked like a charm with each little sparky tap the the body of the starter. I took the ground off the transmission bolt give it a good sanding cleaned everything up his dielectric grease on everything that was suggested here and in other posts thanks to all those that contributed. I’ll put my battery on the charger for a few hours until it doesn’t take a draw anymore anymore. This battery is YUASA it’s only about four years old but I only had a trickle charger on it for a year. That’s the next stop I’ll put everything back together and putting it up and give it a charge overnight. Will report back in the morning to see what happens. I am wondering a bit, maybe it’s possible, somewhere some how that wire from the relay to the blade got pinched. I’ll have to inspect again.
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