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  1. Update on" Guzzi goes to the Manx-" bike now with doctor for fettling/wiring - hope to collect this Saturday - boat from Belfast on Sunday morning - travelling in buddies camper with 3 bikes on trailer as the Isle of Man Steam Packet company want a small fortune to ship the bikes on their own - shipping company also referred to as the Steam Racket Company. Also saves piling furniture on the bike as the gear travels in the camper. Have further technical question for you guys - where can the flange for the rear shock adjuster be sourced? Currently held on with 2, ahem, zip ties. Now that works but has no class so the right part would look so much better. Also another thought flitted across my mind, should I expect some issues with ethanol and a plastic fuel tank at nearly 18 years of age? Will try to post a few piccys of the bike and Monas Isle - going to the Island without a bike is a bit like going to a bordello with a chastity belt on. First went back in 1975 and from then to 1984 attended regularly - highlight was seeing Mike Hailwoods return in 78 on a Ducati, when he was so unfancied and written off as a has-been but proceeded to spank Hondas arse - great moment. Ciao
  2. Thanks again to all you guys -Im finding it hard to grasp all the techy side of this forum being a Luddite on the keyboards - social media and all that stuff is kinda for a younger generation - I grew up in a world where if you wanted to catch up with a mate you went to the pub where he drank - and telephones were nailed to the wall in the same places. So pardon me in advance if there are patches in the conversation - just been out in the shed tinkering with the Guzzi-the more I look the more I find that needs a little fixing - found a very loose bolt on one fork leg just now - managed to refit a pair of clip-ons that were on the bike but now the master cylinder snags the fairing but we can fix that before I hit the boat. One of the clock rubber mounts is bust too - thought they were a bit wobbly - theres 38000 miles showing on the bike now and a few rattles I don't remember from my time owning the beast. Then again nostalgia is a bit blind and a few loose bits here and there is kinda par for the course with V twins no? I repurchased the bike over the phone sight unseen so was a bit silly expecting the same old bike it was 7 years ago-but I am determined to get it back to a shinier state with the hope of doing a few trackdays before my bones give up on me altogether. Used to race a bevel Ducati 750 back in the early 90s and have tried to keep doing a few trackdays every year just to scratch the speed bug-my son has a 916 we used on the track for years though this year he decided it was getting too valuable to risk wrecking on the track. So the current plan is to proceed at a more sedate pace on the Guzzi - probably 40kgs heavier and a modest power output but Im a fair bit more sedate myself now. Will keep you guys posted on the run to the Island. Ciao for now and many thanks again. Locky
  3. Wow, Im quite overwhelmed with the help-Kiwi Roy you are a star - its amazing to another Old Fart like myself how this interweb malarkey can hook guys up from around the planet with the click of a few keys. I remember as a young lad in the early 70s, trying to source parts for a Kawasaki 350 Avenger 2 stroke twin in Dublin - nothing whatsoever could be had - and I recall getting a Japanese lad I knew in London to write a letter to the Souriua diagnostic company on behalf of a mate of mine looking for parts, which took months. Different world . Im puzzled why Guzzi would persist in manufacturing problems for themselves, Italian bikes have had a dodgy enough reputation for years from which they have only lately recovered. Then again perhaps the only reason Guzzi have survived the way they are is because they managed the neat trick of ignoring the outside world for so long and somehow managed to keep the factory open. I will print off my homework and apply myself to it. Much thanks and I shall keep you informed - I really hope the trip to the Isle of Man happens cos its 35 years since I was last there and this is a bit of a Band Back On The Road moment. Grazie
  4. Hi Guys Just back from family visit so only seeing your replies now-thanks a lot for speedy response - the battery is a new Yuasa 14ah which a Guzzi shop told me would do the business and when the solenoid/starter gets a clean contact it happily cranks over and starts - haven't flushed out the tank yet and the petrol is a few years old although I know that s a different set of issues apart from the dodgy contact with the starter. I also know its a sin to expect a motor to run happily on mouldy old unleaded. The relays I will have to chase up- I got a workshop manual with the bike but wasn't too impressed with the wiring diagram, maybe because Ive always been a bit allergic to Italian wiring and wouldn't class myself as a sparks, more a fiddler. Amateur fiddlers keep professional mechanics in work so we shouldn't be abused too much - that's my logic. I might surrender and bring the beast to a good mechanic I know in Dublin who specialises in Italian stuff from the past, my work keeps me on the road for long days and hours in the Summer so don't get the chance to spend quality time in the shed fettling- I know its cheating but starting into a fiddly issue when you`re knackered tired isn't the best or most productive approach. Im due to take the bike to the Isle of Man for the Classic TT in a few weeks time and would hate to have it sit down on me while there, if only because the company I keep will give me a merciless ribbing over Italian stuff - Im sure you know the routine, Thanks again for the help, you will hear more about it.
  5. Hello folks-I have recently repurchased an 2002 V11 Le Mans I first owned 7 years ago, having taken it as a tradein - I flogged it to a pal in London in 2012 when I was lined up for a hip operation and couldn't straddle the beast in comfort. Bought it back happily as I always loved the thing, however in the years since my ownership it sadly languished in a front garden under cover for far too long and is now quite rusty and scruffy - this I can live with and work on over time but worst of all it has a hit and miss approach to starting. Have fiddled with it, as you do, took starter off and got new brushes fitted, still goes click click click then maybe whirr vroom. Local mechanic sez its the solenoid not making proper contact - what might other potential causes be? I have been around Italian bikes for years and know electrics can be a weak point, Im 65 now and don't fancy pushing the beast too far if it decides not to restart one fine day. All help appreciated-when I master the technology I will post a pic or two, though its a fairly standard bike and scruffy unlike some of the gems I see on this forum so I wont be shouting about its coolness-it just so happens I like the way it does its business on Irish country roads with a nice grunty motor.
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