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  1. Gregg


  2. Very glad I got you to do it Pete !
  3. Hi Jaap, yes this is a very good idea, it is not only the shock linkage that they forgot to lubricate but also the swing arm bearing. I got Peter Roper (Moto Moda) to check mine and this is what he found after 50,000 km. The bearing was obviously dry and also fitted with the seal the wrong way around. This is not a job for a lot of home workshops to attempt unless you can securely support the bike and are game to attack the rear with a drift and solid hammer ! I wish they gave the factory assembly team more than a small 200ml tube of grease to share along the whole line, to last the year !
  4. Would anyone have a Stelvio/Norge/Breva Sachs shock plastic pre-load knob spare that they are willing to part with ? Happy to pay for postage to Australia. Sent from my SM-T819Y using Tapatalk
  5. Hellyers Road 10 year old single malt from Tasmania - most southerly state of AustraliaSent from my SM-T815Y using Tapatalk Never seen a Hellyers in the flesh- but i bet their pinot noir finish is tasty!I prefer the 10 year old - just waiting until they have been in production long enough to release an older casked blend. The pinot one was a bit too distracting away from the main flavours to me. Sent from my SM-T815Y using Tapatalk
  6. Hellyers Road 10 year old single malt from Tasmania - most southerly state of Australia Sent from my SM-T815Y using Tapatalk
  7. I am after a NOS centre stand kit or all the 2nd hand parts to fit a centre stand to my 1200 Sport. Typical of my luck that the factory delete the kit just as I decide I need one ! Quite happy to pay the freight down to Australia.
  8. Hi Sign, The V7 I want to help the guy to remap does not have a MyECU system in it - I was hoping to find a map I could load using Guzzidiag into the existing ECU. Thanks for the offer but I don't think it will help us with this bike as it is also bog standard.
  9. I will be interested in whether the mufflers have the Guzzi Eagle logo black etched at the outside end of the can - I bought one of the few remaining as a spare for my bike and was very disappointed to find that the cans were missing the logo, it would seem that the last kits did not get this graphic on them ?
  10. Has anyone played with a map for a V7 Racer yet - I am looking for a map to suit the 1st model release that has twin throttle bodies ?
  11. I have just done 2000km on PR4GT's on my 1200 Sport after running through 3 sets of PR4. There seems to be no difference in grip levels or ride quality - they are not harsh, the only difference I have seen is that they do not scallop on the sides at all. They are wearing very evenly and do not seem to be chopping up at all, the normal PR4 would look a little more used after this amount of km. I like them !
  12. As I mentioned I have just fitted the PR4 GT's to my Sport, if you take a pillion or full luggage on your Norge I would consider them as they are the same pattern and compound as the PR4 but are constructed for a touring bike weight instead of a Sportsbike. I have found them to be very predictable and slightly more controlled over bumps than the PR4 without being too stiff.
  13. I have had 2 sets of PR4 on my 1200 Sport and am very happy with their performance. I would have a pillion and luggage 80% of the time and am getting 11,000km before their grip starts to fall away. I am going to try the PR4 GT versions this time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Nice - great looking bike - congrats !
  15. I have a Rich Maund seat for a pre 2003 V11 for sale if anyone is interested - but it is in Sydney Australia, so freight to the States would be around USD$100 I would reckon. now SOLD !! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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