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  1. The last 2 years I've been busy with others to work on diagnosics for the guzzi ECU and now reflashing it too. First diagostics, Guzzidiag can diagnose all Guzzi ecu, from p7 to 5am. All values were checked agains my Axone. Needed is a vag 409.1 cable with a Fiat adapter. 20$ on ebay. Software is here and needs no instalation, linux and apple version too. http://www.von-der-salierburg.de/download/GuzziDiag/ You can set errors and tps with the ecu's that can do that: a typical screen, langage can be set in options. Now we work on the programming of the 15m and 15rc ecu as found on the V11. The tool to download the ecu map is ready Editing the map is done woth Tunerpro, an free map editing program. The config so that it understands the Guzzi map can you get from me. http://www.tunerpro.net/download/SetupTunerProFree_v500_8075.exe And the upload tool is reday. Further we try to collect all types of guzzi maps to get a library, so mail downloaded maps to guzzidiag@gmail.com A view of how editing works:
  2. While browsing the Internet, I came about this shop: Vectriq They are based in Sydney Australia; if you follow the link, you will find out the turn around for a repair or test is four weeks. They offer some layman's technical information on their website. There are probably many others, but since I found this one, I put it here, for the record. I did a quick search of the Forum, did not find any existing thread about Vectriq; hence, this post.
  3. Need a IAW 15M ECU. Son needs one for his Ducati. I assume, with the correct MAP installed, that any 15M ECU will work. Further responses from my Ducati "experts" say that I need a IAW 15M A8 The A8 is a specific variant... Price with shipping, please? To Zip 01721 Stick
  4. My 2003 Le Mans is running terrible and I'm looking into setting up the bike according the different procedures found in the Technical Topics section of this forum. While connecting the GuzziDiag software and having a good look at the faded letterings on the ECU I discovered that my bike doesn't have it's original ECU fitted. I'm not sure what ECU the bike came with but it now has a IAW 15RC PF3C from a California MY03 CAT fitted while I don't have a lambda probe on my bike. While all the different GuzziDiag screens and functions seem to work I'm having trouble setting the CO trim level. After increasing the -128 (yes, -128 !) value with the + button and clicking the Finish button nothing happens. The screen doesn't change. I can only press the - or + or Finish buttons. This made me wonder if the CO level can be changed on a 15RC CAT ECU while my bike doesn't have a lambda probe. Any ideas about what I can do to change the CO level with the 15RC ECU without the lambda probe ? Can or should I fool the ECU in thinking there's a lambda probe present ? Thx ! Walter
  5. Ok my 02 v11 was being ridden in February cold. I pulled her out of the garage and tried to start her up. A few bursts of slow cranking and then nothing. All lights go Out. No burning smell and dash lights, nothing.I figure it's a fuse, put her in the garage and wait until good weather to dive in.I've tested all fuses and relays and they are fine. I have spare batteries and that's fine.The thing is I get zero, no lights when I turn the switch. I've pulled the tank and all connectors seem good. Pulled ignition switch and checked it, seems good, getting 12v on two outer pins of the connector. Checked run switch seems good.Are there any trouble shooting guides for the ecu? How about the relay brick? I have no idea what relay does what...No burnt wires, no bad fuses, connectors good... I'm completely open to suggestions.--Ian
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