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  1. I make it down to NC for the Guzzi Rally and another trip with some local guys from Cincy every September right after Labor Day, but have never made the spine raid. I told him about the site....he is an old guzzi guy with currently a Mille GT and some other cool bits. He even had a MZ Scorpion Race Replica that he still races....pretty cool. Now time to start shopping for a replacement to mess in some dirt!
  2. Sold! New owner picked up last night and headed to North Carolina with the bike.
  3. Forgot to add that I Installed Metzler Sportec M5 Interact tires with less than 500 miles. The bike is ready to go!
  4. A guy I know from Tennessee - he has done 5 seats for me in the past. He is retired and finally retired from doing seats also. He did this one for me since I have done so many in the past. His look is very similar to a Sargent seat look but much better.
  5. I am placing my V11 Greenie up for sale. This bike is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It currently has right under 12k miles. The updated parts on the bike: Termi exhaust with the Moto Guzzi race ecu installed. Seat redone with added foam and sorted much more comfortable Converted to LSL superbike bars New fork seals and Race Tech .095 springs - fork oil replaced 1" Buell peg conversion Aprilia sport mirrors and bar ends Transmission mount installed Puig windshield installed Superwhite headlight bulb New rear caliper and rotor - was warped w
  6. Front fender is carbon fiber - special fender with all the Ohlins fork bikes. I used to have one...
  7. Woody V11

    Woody V11

  8. This a Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Scura: #597 of 600 Ohlins forks and rear shock 6,200 miles Moto Guzzi titanium exhaust Moto Guzzi upgraded ECM Replaced cases (bubbling problem) Upgraded flywheel Insulated fuel pump Tons of extra carbon fiber bits Rear fender eliminator Asking 6500 OBO. Accepting trades but looking for Moto Guzzi Griso....
  9. Ordered the bearings yesterday and try to get the old bearings out tomorrow and get some measurements....it looks like the spacer is loose between the bearings now, but I would think it needs to be a little loose to get the axle to slide through..then tight when you tighten the axle nut. The tires were replaced when I bought the bike and maybe the overtighten the axle nut?
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