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  2. I have in my basement, a brand new 2001 Guzzi V11 Sport speedo (sorry bout that) cable, still in the bag. Pn:trs017445 I think. But... I no longer have a V11 in the driveway...so, time to clean out. You can have it for cost of shipping is you need it. I'm in Montreal, Canada.
  3. Does anybody happen to know the size of the nut/screw combination that holds the darned switch? My driveway has eaten it...
  4. Funny thing... the Tiger seller is the guy who bought the goose... Nice easy swap! He has already made an appointment with the police station to drop off his license to save them the trouble of running after him. He'll be here some time I'm sure... you guy's will surely treat him well.
  5. Sold my V11 this week. I will sorely miss my beloved Italian girl, but my recently injured wrist couldn't take another season. I bought a Tiger955i to replace it. Thanks to this place and the incredibly valuable information it contains. My ownership would have been a nightmare without your help. Thanks!
  6. Weird. I was at the Montreal Bike show last Friday and they were all there in a Guzzi stall, except the Stelvio. There was even an example of the V7-racer. Right accross the aisle was the Royal-Enfield stall.
  7. Thank-you. Learning what things are actually called makes them so much easier to find...
  8. Just the piece attaching the damper to the triple tree. The clamp itself looks fine
  9. It's a 2001 V11 sport. Not exactly the heim joint, there's no swivel in it that I could see. I did see that I could easily get a generic and relatively inexpensive replacement online. I'll probably go that way instead of trying to fix it. Thanks.
  10. The screw/hoop that attaches the damper to the tripple tree broke yesterday. Luckily there was just enough left sticking out that I was able to unscrew it with pliers. So anyone know ehere I could mabe get a replacement? regular screw with a hoop at the end that attaches to the middle of the damper. While I'm at it, does any supplier maybe have a rebuild kit for those? Mine is starting to get a little "crunchy", maybe I should give it some TLC before putting it back on. Thanks.
  11. dx.com has cheap and easy to install alarms with remote. I have one installed on mine, only set up the shock/motion screamer though, I never bothered with the anti start or the blinking lights. Took me about 15 minutes to install under the seat.. nobody ever got into my luggage after that... Good 20$ investment...
  12. Once you get hold of the wiring diagram, http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzi007/sportissimo.html the idiot lights are indeed very easy to replace and relocate.
  13. I had to replace my whole instrument panel 2 years ago and went with a Koso unit. Decent looking, easy to set up, works very well (except maybe for the fuel gauge). Not too expensive and so far... very weather proof. Fits your requirements except for the speedo cable thing... dunno if you'll be able to find a good thing for that. There's a long thread on here somewhere with info on that.
  14. I just saw this thread while looking for the location of the front grease nipple on the shaft. That being said... it immediately reminded me of my the guy I used to use when I needed work on my old beemer. He ran his business under Rubber Chicken Racing Garage...
  15. Thanks all for the very good advice. I'll take a look to see if the oring is bad, I think I have a bag-o-origns in the mancave that would have one that fits. Then I'll try out that powder trick to make sure it's sealed... very good. Thanks.
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