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  1. Sp838,

    Happy New Year !

    I have a few questions about your GSXR front end swap, Have you got a moment for them ?


  2. Thanks Pete! And now I just remembered I owe you some RAM clutch friction plate measurements... I'm so sorry, I spaced it out. Will get you those by tomorrow, promised. 🙏
  3. Hello all. Today among other things I finally installed a handle bar mounted oil pressure gauge. I'd designed, 3D printed and installed the mounting hardware a while ago but didn't get around to plumbing it in until now. The pressure at idle is just above 60 psi. Oil was cold, didn't really let it warm up much further than this, was just testing it out. Does that seem correct? I'll take her out for a spin and see what it says when she's at running temp. I have fresh Amsoil 20w50 in there.
  4. sp838

    2001 v11 SP

    My Guzzi, from when I got her until now
  5. Installed the "Deep V" sump: Used all Ti fasteners. Total weight savings is approx. 7.75 pounds (3.5 kg). Deleted the oil return line and put a one way flapper valve on the vent line. Now that my front subframe is exposed, it quite obviously needs some loving!
  6. The Chuck / docc 30 amp circuit breaker. And the new motogadget m-unit.
  7. Just ordered one, along with an m-unit blue. Still lovely weather up here, as soon as things turn ugly, the Winter of Re-Wiring shall begin. Very much looking forward to it actually!
  8. Correct, RAM in South Carolina is not the same RAM, in Italy, that makes parts for Italian motorcycles. Pete, I have a new single plate from RAM, I can measure the thickness of the friction plate for you.
  9. Maybe Joe Caruso can be persuaded.
  10. Do you still have all the parts from your original single plate clutch, that was removed? Most importantly, do you still have the input hub? Looks like this: the one on the right is the one you hopefully still have (ignore the bigger one on the left): If you still have this hub, then you can use the "5 speed" single plate RAM clutch.
  11. I rode the new BMW s1000rr with the full M Power package a couple weeks ago with California Superbike School. I recommend it if you ever get the opportunity to do it.
  12. Did a little search, here is a writeup on pipeburn where they are quoted as saying the electrical system including the efi weighs "over 25 pounds", again I'm sure they are including stuff like switchgear and maybe even the clocks: https://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/04/28/moto-guzzi-v11-sport-moto-studios.html If you are so outraged maybe you should take it up with them. And there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist! I encourage if it will help you chill the f u c k out a little
  13. Funny how you feel like that was directed at you! Maybe time to go visit the therapist.
  14. Curious myself to know the real weight of the entire pile of electrical crap, as compared to what the Moto Studio guys were touting... Wouldn't be entirely surprised if they were over estimating it. I'm definitely getting rid of the stock general electrical harness this winter and replacing with new wiring and an m-unit. Still on the fence about deleting the EFI, mainly hesitating due to the cost. I guess I could always do that in a second step...
  15. The whole fuel injection assembly, correct? Not seeing a fuel pump in that hideous pile... This doesn't appear to also include the general electrical system harness (charging and lights etc) unless I'm missing something.
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