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  1. Hi Grim, I know I'm late to the party but FWIW my '02 Scura would backfire then spit off the RH inlet rubber after 100 miles. Replaced the inlet rubber & issue resolved, even found the low fuel light works as I now get 180 miles per tank. Rgds. Noel
  2. Hi, Talking of oil filters, anyone know the AF distance of the allen recess to the oil filter cover on a V11 Scura? I don't fancy spending US$100 for a special tool Thanks, Noel [UK based]
  3. #314 is on Hampshire, England @ 16,700 miles. Bought 2nd hand a little while ago so have no idea about what is sitting between the engine & gearbox so will just keep going until it goes bang or get it replaced one winter. I'm planning to go to Mandello for the 100th in 2021 so need to get it resolved before then.
  4. Hi, #314 currently resides in Hampshire, England. 17 yrs old and only 16k miles; I must work on that!! Rgds. Noel
  5. @ bbolesaz No, the low fuel light does not come on. In fact I realised last week I've never seen the light on so better start by checking the bulb!! D-oh! Rgds. Noel
  6. Hi, 2002 V10 Scure 14k miles since new; owned by me for 3 months, completed 700 miles – still getting to know the bike. Fuel consumption is 40 miles per imperial gallon, fuel light NEVER comes on, mainly because I fill up at the 100 mile point. This is because I have a problem!! Symptoms: RH cylinder backfires when low on fuel. Rubber inlet manifold between RH carb & cylinder detaches [blown off by back fire]; engine then over-revs [3kRPM] w/ throttle closed. Conditions: Only happens when v. low on fuel. Current solution: let it cool down, refuel, re-fit. If I refuel every 100 miles
  7. Hi, 2002 Scura #314. 16k miles. No transmission issues so far!! Rgds. Noel
  8. What is it with some Scura owners? Like you, I purchased a 2002 Scura yesterday w/ only 14k miles on the clock! Weather is carp here [The UK] so can't wait until Spring/Summer. Until then, it's keeping my '81 leMans MkII company in the shed [aka mancave].
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