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Installing a NEP Throttle Lock on V11

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This past weekend, I installed a NEP throttle keep on the Scura. For youngsters who've never heard of NEP, they date back to the 80's. They are currently manufactured by Sound Off Recreational and available through several sources.


They are amazingly simple and effective. It is essentially 2 half circles that go around the throttle tube. A lever compresses the circles together and keeps the throttle from moving.

Here's the top side view with the lever.


The trick is that the unit must be anchored to something to keep it in place.  In the 80's, with simple cable spool throttles, the cables themselves popping out of the bottom of the housing was a great place. So, the bottom of the NEP had a slot that would simply pop over the cable housing.
They made units for Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

But now that throttles are much more complicated or even electronic, NEP still only has their original 3 designs from the 80's.  Let the modification begin.

So, I started with Model #CC-2 "For many single cable Yamaha".


The Scura throttle has a cable exit at the bottom of the housing, in the right position, but much wider than a Yamaha cable barrel.  So the first step is to cut off the rear half of the slot. The front half of the slot remains and will engage the front of the throttle cable housing.

Conveniently, the width of the Scura housing is the same as the length between the front slot part and the center of the NEP. So, I drilled a small hole in the NEP and threaded a #8 2" screw into the hole. This acts as the back of the new "slot". You must drill the hole small enough that the screw thread taps the hole to keep the screw rigid in place. I also ground a bit off of the 1/2 circle pieces so they wouldn't interfere with the screw.

Then, I cut off the inner part of the rubber grip. The NEP needs about 1/4" of throttle tube to work with. Then installation is as simple as fitting the 2 half circles around the tube and putting the lever piece on top.  I added a tie wrap around the screw and throttle as extra stability.

So far the testing is so good.  The real shakedown will be this weekend going to the New Mexico Guzzi rally in Datil.  Lots of wide open roads to use a throttle keep on.


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So, great success with the NEP throttle lock install.  Took a few gas stops to get it adjusted just right (details below). Was able to ride across AZ and NM with much more comfort and a lot less problems with my carpal tunnely hands.


The little silver set screw adjusts the clamping force when the lever is down.  The perfect adjustment is when there is just enough clamping force that the throttle tube doesn't rotate lever down. The Scura is a little buzzy at the bars and that requires more clamping force.  When set correctly, it is easy to tweak the throttle on or off slightly for adjustments.  The key item is that when the lever is released, the throttle MUST release.  Like immediately. Don't ride it otherwise.

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