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Typical mechanical behavior list for 02 V11

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18 hours ago, Gmc28 said:

All that travel-log stuff said, i’m Now clear on the fact that something ain’t right with Goldie (the other lemans, at home), as this one is so different.  As noted previously, Goldie has that super sweet top end, above 4800 rpm where it just smooths out and comes alive.  That’s due largely to the crossover I assume.  But the rpm below that on Goldie is just not pleasant, with a very unpleasant buzz and lack of kick, which I associate with the buzz, right or wrong. This “new” lemans proves what I had suspected and what y’all already know, that these things can run sweet, and that something is truly amiss with Goldie, as this new one (what to call her...hmmm) is super smooth through the whole rpm range, pulling beautifully from a very low rpm.  

I’ll have to re-energize my efforts to figure out what’s wrong with Goldie.  She’ll go back to my good friend in 2020 (he’s buying it back from me, as he realizes he can’t live without his mistress), so for his sake and my curiosity i’ll be looking harder for a root cause.

dave Blues tune-up, plus the new cross over, made it good enough where I figured “well, that’s how the v11’s run”, but now I know that ain’t the case, as my new girl sets the proper standard.  Could be crank balance, but that’s a long shot, and I still suspect low end fueling issue for Goldie, as she feels like my old oilhead before I was able to enrichen that machine with the ecu magic.

Sharing info.

Was lucky enough to get a 01 Greenie this summer. She had PC 111 installed, and was like a bomb compared to my 03 Rosso Corsa. Did the usual going thru, tuning and som electric upgrades .  Idling v good,and VERY good trottle response,,,,nice, but but. PC removed and Co set to 0. Still amazing trottle response. Have a Tomaselli quick trottle handle,,, but but ??  Shoud'nt have an alu flywheel the Greenie's. Carillo rods ?? Balanced and lightened crank ??  Any headwork done ??  Or lucky with the original heads ?? Another cam ,,, titanium push rods ??.

My 03 Rosso Corsa idling all very good, and revs all the way happy, but no quick response like the Greenie ?

All this said, I had a quick trip to see the brain doctor, so both my ECUs now has the same map.   Did I belive they shoud act the same way now,,,   more or less I thought.

No the Greenie is quicker.  I know I have to tune both trottle body's, Meinolf's way, but that's only fine tuning.... Did around 30miles with both, but got a quick feeling they are both fed well from idling to 8000 +   Balancing is spring work,, the misses said something about 20inch'es of that B white shit tomorrow at 1000ft. 

Wondering keeps me busy   :bier:

Cheers tom.

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your Rosso Corsa and 01 greenie world of course have some small but definite differences.  I would think a tight Tab sync would be critical for all comparisons, and that’s what i’ll So soon as I get red home.  But I know Goldie had a good TB sync, so then it’s seemingly a fueling issue for me.  For you I’d suspect the same, given that two different model years may respond a little different to the ecu tuning, since when two identical models can respond different in my experience.   I may hit up meinolf as well for some ecu playing..

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