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Guzzi diag Co trim

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I set up Guzzi diag. good news is I have the Titanium fuel map and says co is set to 0. bad news is when i try to get into the co trimm adjustment it says that diagnostics cannot be accessed. I tried it with the engine running also. Help please. Everything reads good do I need to backup the map first. Rpms and temp and throttle value were reading is it safe to assume that the co is reading good to, it was at 99 for temp. Help. thanks Rob

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Absolutely no reason to back up the map unless you plan on loading a new one.

Looks all good. Why mess with it?

Otherwise, non-access to the ECU through guzzidiag can occur for several reasons. (I am not the expert on this) . . .

Engine must be at operating temperature. When  you say "99", is that F or C?

Make sure you have selected the correct V11 model in Preferences and guzzidiag declares "connected."

What makes you say you have a Titanium map?


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I'm definitely not a techno weanie, but I jumped into guzzidiag this spring and tuned my Griso first then my California Vintage.

It took me quite a while to get a full connection and reading properly.

When I first connected, I could see the ECU? but not the full details, took me a while to figure out my mistake. (sounds like you may be stuck at the same place?)

Make sure that you have Guzzidiag loaded & running, but also make sure that you have the correct reader & writer drivers loaded and driver for the Lonelec Cable.

Once I remembered to launch the additional drivers, I was completely into the ECU and could see everything.

Once it was fully connected it was very intuitive.

The Griso was a piece of cake, totally adjustable with guzzidiag.

The TPS on the CalVin still had to be adjusted with a meter. I'm not sure but I think the process on the V11s is similar to this? 

Good luck with it.



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Docc When it reads the Ecu that is what comes up. I cross referenced it with the number of the Titanium map in the archives. It does not have a preferance for an 04 lemans but I selected one that used the 15m Ecu and as close to the model year as I coudl. I think it was the Rosso Corsa.

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