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  1. I was running stock oem map with Mistral crossover & mufflers & no dbk;the fueling is fine. Doc has already replied that you don't have an 02 sensor,which means that you should have a 15M ECU; I understood that some of the later '04 models had a 15RC,idk To make absolutely certain how your bike is set up;get a good light & eyes & possibly sensitive fingers to check all around the H pipe crossover; if your bike is one of the later models with the 15RC,you should find an O2 sensor mounted on the H pipe crossover. If the H pipe isn't stock or has possibly been plugged look for an O2 sensor that might have been tucked up out of the way someplace in that general area. fwiw
  2. I think all efi guzzis were open loop until the 15RC ECU bikes,which had the ability to read an O2 sensor. I'll leave the explanation of the fine details of how the systems & maps work to someone else,,,, I've read some ECUs & maps use a variety of sensors, # of rpms,etc to make sensor/fuelling changes.
  3. I don't know why you remapped your ECU,the oem map fueling on my '03 Lemans is very good,but it is a 15M & I have the trim at +28 (ran well before I changed it) My only guzzi that does have a tendency to ping if I push it outside of it's comfort zone is my '08 CalVin,it also has a 15RC ECU like your '04 Lemans iirc. My CalVin's 02 sensor has been disabled in the map & is running open loop. Lucky Phil's research into high quality Bosch O2 sensors to replace the inferior oems,changes the landscape for 15RC owners;or any guzzi/bike running a closed loop.imho If the faster response times of the Bosch O2 sensors enable the 15RC ECU to make instant changes to correct the AFR & greatly improve fueling issues, that's where I'd be spending time & effort on a 15RC bike,fwiw idk.
  4. I don't know if I'm the only one,but I gained about 20 lbs just looking at those pics Not only can you guys eat well,but man,some serious good cooking I never eat local maple syrup because I hate making pancakes;but as mentioned above,your french toast has me armed with one of my cast iron pans & a mission this spring Nice to see the V85TT in it's element;I hope Dave had some type of heated gear to go with those hippo hands,that looked frosty. Tks for sharing
  5. I then changed the head gaskets (both were the cheap version & wheeping) and since then, I cannot get her started anymore. I have not touched any of the wiring in the process. The bike is equipped with Carmo Electronics electrical ignition and "wants to run" (plopping in the exhaust). Sometimes during starting the starter suddenly stops as if she tries to fire whilst on it's way up on the compression stroke. Checked/adjusted: - Spark (good strong on both sides) - Spark timing (created mark on flywheel as flywheel appears to not be installed in the correct orientation) for RHS TDC - +/- 7deg, checked with strobe OK - Went back to jet size 128, 115 and eventually 105 (original) - Changed spark plugs for new - Compression both sides 13.5bar - Switched spark plug leads left/right (no "trying to run" anymore when switched) - Adjusted mixture screw anywhere between 1/2 turn and 4 turns (manual states 1,5 turns out) - Adjusted idle screw up/down - Emptied float bowls & tried to start her with brake cleaner, same result (only popping, no running) - Removed air filters, no change Before you get too far into it,just for shits & giggles, hold a decent sized wire up to the battery positive terminal & the contact on the solenoid at the starter, hopefully that will eliminate the ignition switch as a potential source of grief. KiwiRoy once admonished me that my 35 yr old ignition switch would cause me grief;naturally he was later proved correct This is all waayyy above my pay grade,but I'll throw some thoughts out there jic,fwiw. TLDR is the main ground one of those funky hidden under the battery tray ones & is it good? TLDR when you were doing the mods to your bike, any paint/powder coat work that might be ground issues,wherever? Do you have installation instructions for the electronic ignition & what & how it's set up at a known baseline to operate from? Are you certain you can provide that baseline for it to operate from? With all the confusion about the flywheel, you might consider printing off a degree wheel;learn how to use it on a guzzi engine & mark your flywheel more accurately? My strobe light(cheap) always worked flakey for me; I had much better luck using an analog multi meter hooked up to the appropriate ignition spots, set up beside the valves as I worked through TDC, showed me exactly what my ignition was doing & when.Then you can relate that to your flywheel marks; it'll help tighten up your baselines more accurately. I like to work on the left side first,then switch my multi meter probes for the right side & it's a shorter roll to check right TDC,fwiw ymmv. Someone else already mentioned it; When you marked the flywheel,were you certain of the direction? I know there's been times I've gotten twisted around those flywheel marks as I roll the engine through different cycles,backwards to what I was expecting to see. All I got for now
  6. You don't say how you verified the spark,but are you certain that it's actually sparking & at the right time? When I was having trouble setting & getting the points running right initially on my CX100;KiwiRoy recommended that I open everything up & rotate the engine manually as I watched the valve assemblies,points, etc,,, it really helped me to get it all working correctly & on the right TDC,fwiw ymmv. While you're double checking all your grounds & contacts, verify the air gaps on any ignition sensors as well. I hate it when garage gremlins disconnect sh*t & phq things up. btdt Time,patience & a fresh set of eyes always overcomes in the end.
  7. Serendipity has recently become one of my favorite words;it may become one of yours. The valve core failed at the right time,,you were treated like royalty & given the kid glove treatment to the dealer. The dealer stepped up & obviously did an A1 job on the tube/tire change; Heck! I bought a Nomar because I had trouble getting that simple job done locally. Managed to keep the pride & ego at bay; & when you were cold,stopped short,but at the right time. You've learned quickly what took me years to finally adopt,even though I'd read the advice by many guzzisti . The Tonti 5 speed tranny should be treated like a 4 speed with a 5 gear OD; the engine,drivetrain & riding experience, are all in a happier place,much nicer riding groove to get into. I think after doing the valves & a decent tune up your mileage should improve; as you work your way through the bike & wiring harness.connections the tach may solve itself. I have a beautiful OEM MG center top luggage bag that came with my CalVin;I feel stupid sometimes because I leave it on the shelf,but I'll explain why I do. It's extremely handy,but the weight & the wind it catches;is in the worst spot to negatively affect the handling (& mileage btw) but also ruins the beautiful lines of my bike,jmho. I've never wrenched my back or fallen badly;but I have caught my leg swinging it over top cases,,ouch! Unless it's a low profile top case,,,I usually leave them on the shelf. fwiw ymmv What a beautiful bike & a great outcome. tks for taking the time to document & share your adventure with us. Wishing you both,many miles & smiles
  8. I've started adding dedicated grounds to my R/Rs to hopefully eliminate potential issues. I've never had a relay go bad,,,but definitely stop working because it wasn't seated into the socket correctly. If I can see the relays, I always confirm good contact & push them into place before the seat goes back on. fwiw ymmv
  9. Those sound like similar symptoms,that my Lemans had on the first hard test ride,,,,, The problem was tank suck,problem solved by changing my TB plumbing & cleaning the 2 vents/lines at the gas cap,,, Fingers crossed that your problem is that easy to solve fwiw fyi
  10. I think what's old is new again; Off the top of my head I couldn't name them,but many of the old blues masters had similar string snapping & back sweeping with their plucking hand,albeit at a much slower tempo,,, Reminds me of the old bluesman; "if you slowed down & left a little space between the notes,,,some music might fall out" Mark Knopfler does some interesting things with his picking/snapping right hand,,, So does Ben Harper,but he's usually playing a version of a lap steel.
  11. Bill, Tks for taking the time to post & share the fine details,on the little garage gremlins,that need solving & fixing sometimes to get our rides running in top form. As gstallons says,some things are never forgotten. With 3 in diapers,no garage,skills,tools or cash; I had an 80's Subaru GL station wagon,that threw a few mechanical hissy fits my way. During the coldest winter ever known to mankind;there was so much rust from the gas tank & lines,the only way to keep it running,was every 5-6 weeks,slide underneath the right passenger side floorboards,flat on my back,with rust,dirt,salty snow dripping down on me,as I attempted to swap in a new fuel filter BEFORE my hands froze But I digress,,,sorry for the thread drift Back to the op's EV; Tonti's of that vintage & style are finally being recognized for what good solid do it all bikes they are. The first time I saw the Hot Dog Mustard color combo, I almost gagged,,,, but it's grown on me over the years,,, it's now one of my favorite paint schemes.
  12. TBH,when I filed that info away for the mirrors,I was under the mistaken impression that all of the fairing mirrors on the different spine models were the same; I realize now as you've pointed out,they're not all a match. I agree with you in trying to maintain the originality of certain parts if at all possible;especially with limited production models,like the V11 Lemans. To anyone who is in the market for mirrors for their spine frame,do your due diligence. Sportis,1100i,Sports,Scuras,Cafe Sports,Lemans etc are not all identical. fyi fwiw
  13. I've never owned a high quality leather riding jacket;especially something as stylish as the OP's. For a short time way back in the day,I wore a tan colored Brimaco(?) MC jacket,bought at local dealer's going out of business sale. I suspect that with the quick rate the threads rotted away,it probably was on the rack since the shop's opening day Historically,I usually wore some type of loose sport team leather coat that I could add sweaters or vests as needed;back then,that served me well. I didn't crash a lot like some guys,most of my biking incidents were on dirt bikes. For my one & only high speed,road bike get off,I laid down my Yamaha XS1100,while wearing an old leather hockey jacket;we all escaped without major damage,I think the extra patch scuffed off the back of the jacket,probably just added to the,working class,worn patina look I was successfully going for The riding Gods,made sure that when I got back into riding almost a decade ago;I would be well protected on this,the second chapter of my riding life. As I was getting back into riding & buying used bikes & gear off Kijiji,I bought a used Shoei helmet from a kind,french gentlemen from Quebec named "Guy" who happened to be getting out of riding. As I'm slipping him a small amount of cash for the crappy old Shoei helmet,he hands me a bag with his well used red/black Rukka suit. I knew zero about quality gear,it was a few years before I realized the magnitude of his thoughtful kindness & generosity. The red in that old Rukka suit has faded to pink long ago. It has a patch over hot exhaust pipe damage,,the clasps on the zippers are mcgyver repaired as needed,one zipper on the leg cuff gave up the ghost long ago,,, a simple reminder to take my time getting into my gear properly,,,it's not a stylish piece of kit,but it's served me well.
  14. The video Docc posted of the guy,covering the Michael Jackson tune;playing,recording & layering different instruments, reminded me of one of my favorite artists. Coco Love Alcorn is extremely under appreciated;she works some serious magic with this Boss Looping pedal.
  15. Yup,I almost commented when I first listened to him. I've never heard of Lukas Nelson,I usually don't like falsetto singers;but he's so real & heartfelt,that really works for me. As a minimally skilled,finger picker,I spend most of my time in the first chord position on the guitar; What a talent he's been blessed with,that's not just 10,000 hrs of practice to get that good. His musical theory,knowledge,touch & skill on the fingerboard,it's in another world.
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