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  1. I'm not a cheese expert,I don't understand the science that well,so for sure I couldn't explain it,but I think that cheese curds are formed on the surface of some type of cheese process and scooped up floating on the top of the whey? They're curly rubbery little pieces of salty cheese about the size of a frito chip. A regular Poutine is just good french fries,covered in a hot brown gravy with a bunch of fresh cheese curds sprinkled on top. What makes a great Poutine for me,is that halfway point where the curds are melting into the hot gravy,but still have a bit of firmness to bite into. This Pannhass or Scrapple you guys are talking about,sounds similar to what we'd call fried hash up here. Whatever leftover meat or veggies happened to be around,tossed into a hot oiled cast iron pan with garlic & onions for a base and usually buffed out with potatoes.
  2. It sounds like the seller "may" be what we refer to up here as a curbsider. Guys that make a little bit of money on the side flipping vehicles on the side, but never registering themselves as a business. They usually have to pay tax if they transfer the title into their name,so to keep their profits higher,they like to leave the title in the name of the person they got it from. It may take a little work to figure out exactly what you bought,but it sounds like you got a smoking bargain on it
  3. I love Mexican food,but it's a rare treat. We don't have a lot of that around here and I'm sure the quality wouldn't compare to what's served down south. I'm not that big a poutine fan,it's gone crazy now with all the fancy gourmet types. I used to work with a guy and his favorite was a big platter of fries covered in spaghetti sauce with mozzarella cheese.eeww There is one famous poutine place way up in Barry's Bay, Charlie D's, that I sometimes ride up to for lunch. I've always wanted to try his OktoberFest Poutine, which is Sauerkraut W spicy German Sausage over the fries, curds on top,,,but I get up there so rarely I have to go with my favorite standard order; The Hunters Poutine, which is, big chunks of onion w big tender chunks of venison, stewed up in a burnt dark brown gravy, heaped over the fries covered in snapping fresh, salty curds,,,uuummm,,,it's to die for.
  4. Man! You guys and your food photos are torture;I don't even eat bologna,but I'd kill for that sandwich Joe scarfed down Re the coleslaw question,sadly,we don't have the BBQ palaces up here in Canuckistan like you guys down there;but I grew up in small town Quebec and we have french frie trucks/wagons/shops all over the place. Besides poutine,one of their delicious specialties is a local concoction called a "steamie". A steamed fresh hot dog weiner & bun,with a good hot mustard,buried under a spicey/sweet homemade coleslaw
  5. I ripped through his info quick, it doesn't look like there's any other contact info. I get the impression, it went pretty quick, but if you want to follow it up anyways;you can dm me your email/contact info and I can forward it on to him on FB
  6. I try to mention Docc as often as I can,and I did at the top of my post,but I agree with you,it would be impossible for me to sing his praises and accolades too often or fervently. This place & our bikes wouldn't run as smoothly as they do if it wasn't for Docc,the master craftsman and resident expert of all things V11. For an electrical luddite like myself,Docc's intimate knowledge of the V11,and his patient methodical analysis and eagerness to help us work through problems and gather and organize the right information, and point us in the right direction,is invaluable. The V11s are a new motorcycle mystery to me,it's extremely confidence inspiring,knowing that Docc is there to hold my hand and spoon feed me the right stuff to keep my bike in fine running order. Words can't express my gratitude for Docc's sage guidance.
  7. I just saw one for sale within the last couple of days, brand new all in with the ECU for $700 US,,, I thought it was on here, but it might have been on one of the Face Book groups. It was down in the Texas area? Edited to add info I found the ad, it was from 4 days ago on Mike Skaggs FB page. The seller was Bob Marsh in San Antonio, he's got it marked sold now, but you may want to track him down and touch base with him, just in case, fwiw Bob Marsh · · New in box, with computer, footrest brackets, springs, hardware, mufflers, pipes....price includes shipping within usa.. Do not pay through Facebook pay, I and many others are having trouble getting paid, guess Facebook is hemorrhaging money and they have to get it where ever they can... Located in san antonio texas Paypal, venmo and cash app accepted.. +6 $700 · TX (SOLD) Moto guzzi v11 titanium Exhaust System
  8. When I was researching the MPH risers,I read a lot of Todd's posts,he seemed like quite the character. Paraphrasing Mike's words, "He was the best damn parts guy I ever knew,I feel at a loss without him around helping to keep things on track" At one point I needed a sportier ride around,life always has a way of connecting dots when needed,and a smoking deal on that very well set up 2 valve 2007 Griso crossed my path. I agree with Pete Roper, they are excellent roadsters. That waterfall backdrop for the Griso photo, is my favorite spot to stop for lunch when I'm out riding back country roads in that area. It's at the 4th Chutes on the Bonnechere River,right across the road from the Bonnechere Caves,SE of Eganville, Ont. If you open this google map link and click on the camera/photo icon on the map, you'll see a better view of the falls. A street view from that link will show you the abandoned old water mill site across the road and a wide angled shot. It's beautiful country. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Bonnechere+Caves/@45.5048469,-77.0113337,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cd15927a872fc77:0x8311a7966428f8f0!8m2!3d45.5048469!4d-77.009145?hl=en
  9. I know that a lot of riders, especially some of the vintage racers with odd sizes,love their Avon tires. I just learned that they are closing their doors,you may want to snag what you can now and stock up,once they're gone,they're gone. fyi fwiw https://www.motorcyclenews.com/.../avon-tyres-closure/
  10. 80CX100


  11. I've been lurking on this site for a long time,only a member for the last couple of years since I got my new to me 2003 V11 Lemans VIN ZGUKTCxx73M111236 I always struggled posting images to this site, so I never entered my Lemans in the registry. Today's the day I recently stumbled on Docc's excellent instructions on how to post images in the gallery, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Once again,Tks Docc for taking such good care of us My 2003 V11 Lemans,was originally purchased at Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary,Alberta, Canada. The bike led a sheltered life only accumulating 6K kms., the owner & the V11 relocated to Kemptville, Ontario, Canada 6-7 yrs ago, where the bike was listed for sale, only an hour from my house. I never actually saw the V11Lemans when it was for sale close by,although I spoke to the owner selling it many times. Long story short, it slipped through my fingers and ended up in a living room as a display piece in Toronto Ontario, 3-4 hrs away. I kept tabs on the bike and contacted the new owner,and through a bizarre set of circumstances,I received a phone call one day out of the blue,the owner of the V11 told me if I could get down there with cash on the weekend while his girlfriend was out of town I could buy the bike;which I did,lol. I own 3 Tonti frame bikes,which I find much easier to work on and more organic and graceful in their design compared to the spine frames;but I've done a ton of niggly little jobs on the bike and I'm growing to love my V11,it is indeed a rocketship compared to my Tontis. What I've come to love and appreciate about the spine frames and my V11,is learning about Dr John and his passion and dedication in it's development. Seeing the design sketches by Marabese, adds to the provenance and my appreciation of this rolling piece of guzzi art history. I've adjusted the MPH risers dozens of times and it's still a frustrating exercise getting just the perfect set up. I often think of Todd Haven (rip) and how choked up Mike Haven was when I dealt with him in obtaining this special piece of kit for my bike. Pete with his Roper plate & the project by members here to get them made. Lucky Phil's tranny improvements & shift linkage extension & Chuck stepping up to get them made and distributed. Everyone that was involved in the shift spring development and manufacture. It's heartwarming to know,that so many passionate people have been involved in the background in making my V11 Lemans, the special motorcycle it is. Gratitude to Jaap's vision & dedication for giving us all this playground, so the magic can happen.
  12. Hey Docc, I know nothing about the VINs and the changes,just thinking out loud,throwing it out there for food for thought. With 3 separate VIN series, could that denote 3 varieties of the evolution in the design and specs through that time frame. Ie something along the lines of, short frame/short tank,,,long frame/short tank,,, long frame/long tank,,,early ECU's P8?,,,15M,,,15RC,,,,? double plate clutch,,,single plate,,,double plate ,,, or the topic of recent discussions the various front ends/triple clamps/fork/front wheel axle assemblies. It would be interesting and helpful,,if somehow you could reference a VIN # and know EXACTLY what the OEM specs of the bike should be,,,,, Not to slam MG,but I'm not sure that type of organization & management skills,were ever part of their wheel house,especially with the many ownership changes
  13. Similar story here. There obviously has been a major security breach. I had cancelled my PP,but due to some algorithm a small subscription fee was automatically withdrawn and paid by them many weeks later. Almost immediately, I received an obviously phony email from PP notifying re a large Bitcoin transaction. Appeared to be a Phishing attempt? Idk Tks for the warning and I agree with you, pay attention folks.
  14. No, as I explained to Purloined in my pm, it was to compensate for foolishness,lol. My Lemans only has 7K kms, so everything is mint on it. When I tuned it, I deviated quite a bit from the original settings but I used the PO's set up with the tank vent T'd off to the 2 vacuum ports on the throttle bodies, it ran like a top, but it developed such a major "tank suck" issue, I could barely get the tank lid open to refuel, and once I did the tank sucked in so much and released violently, I was very lucky I didn't crack the paint,,, then the bike would hardly run. I cured the whole issue by cleaning the tank vent holes & following Docc's recommendation and capped the vacuum ports at the TBs and ran a separate tank vent line under my starter cover,,,, it now runs like a champ,,, no tank suck,,, but with one too many lines under it, the old brittle crappy plastic in the starter cover,, cracked and kept cracking,,, I took it off to preserve it. Long term game plan, would be to reinforce whatever starter cover goes back on there with fibreglass/bondo as a backing and spacers and longer bolts to prevent the issue in the future. It looks like Purloined is coming to my rescue
  15. I'll send you a pm, tks very much
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