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Reintroduction to V11 Lemans, Part II

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Ha ha

Not to be confused with the Sea change of course!!

Actually we did a Sea to Tree change when we moved from Bayside Melbourne to the Country.

That doesn't really count though as it was suburban Melbourne of course!

And here ends the Aussie vernacular lesson for today folks.

Cheers Guzzler

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On 8/21/2020 at 10:37 AM, guzzler said:

Ha ha.

We watched that as well !!

Was good to see the town and environs on the TV eh.

We made the tree change 6 years ago and don't regret it for a moment mate.Beautiful part of the world.

Give me a yell next time you're heading to Lang Lang mate, maybe catch up for a coffee ? When we're able to get out and about freely again of course

I travel the Lang Lang to Drouin road a fair bit so any excuse to do it again eh!!

Anyways stay safe in Melbourne mate, it looks like we're gradually getting on top of it.

Cheers Guzzler



Ok will do. I'd love to do a tree change and it's on the cards. I'd just like to get out of the city/suburbs even though i'm on the north east fringe now I'd rather be in the "country"

I'd like to move back to the south coast of NSW near the sea for the nicer winter weather. I'm from Sydney originally and now I'm retired I'm sick of the grey overcast Melbourne winter weather. The temps dont bother me but the lack of sunny days sure does. However my eldest daughter is moving down so that plans out the window I think.I'm looking for a nice country town in Victoria with good services and sunny winter weather an acre of land and near the water if possible. I need to be on that show myself.




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I hear you about getting outa the rat race mate.It seems to be getting crazier all the time!

We  did several road trips  and looked around all over before we made the move so it wasn't a hasty decision.

I still work and didn't want to retire just yet so in the end settled for something commutable to Dandenong.

The fact that we fell in love with where we are and the wee town of Drouin was icing on the cake eh.We're basically an hour from the snow, same from the beach and same from our families.

It's funny I always felt an affinity with Gippsland, don't know why.I'm not a native either being a Kiwi, maybe it reminds me of NZ or something? Ha ha.

I know the weathers a bit all over the place but I kinda like having 4 seasons , must be the Kiwi in me, I'm from CHCH so know all about changeable weather!

Funny you mention your daughter coming down.My wife was hell bent on us moving to Tassie, but I kept telling her wait till we see grandkids as although close we'd not see them as often as we can when you can just jump in the car and drive for an hour.We  now have 3 and it's bloody good to able to see them so easily.Well not at the moment but this lockdown won't last. 

Anyways mate good luck with your possible Escape from the city if you chose to do so.

Cheers Guzzler.


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