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Rear Brake line correct Routing

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5 minutes ago, western trucker said:

It’s got me scratching my head as the little tabs are obviously missing and I have come up with a route but a bit suspicious in its routing 



I looked, before, for an image of this routing. This is as close as I ever got. The left retention tab is visible on the top of the rear subframe cross member just below the Carcano-green LuckyPhil/Chuck-made shift extender. There is a matching right side tab (a little further outboard), and another on the inboard side of the the left swingarm arm.


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Okay, this shows both retention tabs on the early RedFrame subframe. They are pretty hard to see with everything assembled. Easy to see with the wheel off . . . Also seen is how the brake line drops down from the right side.


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38 minutes ago, western trucker said:

Thank you so much that makes way more sense I was only missing swingarm tab the other two were there.

Again thanks 

I only now realize the swingarm retention tab is visible in that last image forward of the caliper bracket pivot bolt through the swingarm.

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