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  1. Here's my 2021 patch and rocker, and I have enrolled again for 2022; hopefully, I will be able to do the 50 stops this year. If you check the 2022 tour stops, you will find that the organizer used one of my photo submission to mark the location. Stop #4; If the fancy was to take you, the tour portal is here! there is collection of photos video made from the 2021 tour participants. If you watch until the end, there is a majority of touring bikes; I did not see any other Moto Guzzi. Anyway, I will bore you with my reports when the tour starts in March. See you then?
  2. If you did not know what to do, each year, you can run the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas; the tour runs from March 15th until November 15th of the current year. There are 50 stops to make distributed inside the state, and you are considered a tour finisher if you complete at least 25 of them. Here's the interactive map of the stops! Registration for 2021 closed on February 28th, opened to all bike brands. I intend to make as many stops as possible, so far I made 3, the third completed today. I started with the easy ones, those located around Houston. I will update the thread as I find it will incentivize me to do as many as I can. There are 50 stops total, and some events which allow you to meet other participants. there are 1250 participants to the 2021 tour; many of them from other states, not necessarily border either. I am flag 1001 which is a number that fits perfectly as it can be read in both directions. The bikes' brands are not shown, so I do not know how many Moto Guzzi there are, out of them, if there are any V11. Another reason for this thread, if any reading it are doing the tour this year. Anyway, here's my three stops so far. I will adding them as I go, to see if I can get as far as possible. This is my 1st stop: Brenham. This is the second stop: Navasota This is my third stop: Anchor blown 1 mile away Texas City. I rode it in the full of typical Texas weather, around 100 degF feel, and I am able to confirm the V11 does not like it hot!!!
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