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My bike(s)

Found 3 results

  1. Have these sitting in my spares box: MotoBits: I believe all the parts are present and will include the printed instructions. $340 new. Asking $175 shipped. Knight Designs: Silver Quadtrax. They're the 1" lowering design with the more aggressive tread pattern. $174 new. Asking $75 shipped.
  2. Hello All, [UPDATE: SOLD IT TO SOMEONE WHO WILL LOVE AND CHERISH IT. CIAO!] I must sell a gorgeous Lemans V11. Why, you ask... I recently purchased this beautiful bike from an older gentleman in Southern California, who worked as a career mechanic at BMW Motorrad and was downsizing his personal collection. He was the third owner, and had bought the bike from an older customer of Brown Motorsports, where he performed the maintenance. He then sold it to me this winter, (and there's even some discussion about this exact bike eslewere in this forum). The bike is truly in great shape, runs great, and was recently DYNO'ed by Mickey Cohen Motorsports in OC, where Mickey created a custom MAP for the Powercommander III unit. Mickey had sold and serviced these exact bikes in SoCal when they were sold new, and he was impressed by how clean this one was. After taking the bike on several long rides, it became appearant that my injured right hip couldn't tolderate the riding position. I then purchased and installed the footpeg lowering module. While that has helped a bit, its still not doable for me, and I'd rather this stunning bike go to someone who will love the sh*t out of it and ride it often. I have another bike that is much easier on my effed-up hip, and have to let the Guzzi go. So, and as honestly as possible... There are about ~28,000 miles on the bike, but the mileage counter recently went out (appearantly), though the tach and speedo's still work. The tank has some minor bubbling on the top -- annoying, but not noticeable unless you're looking right at it. The bike starts first try, runs well, and after getting DYNO'ed, runs really smooth (and effing strong) through the powerband. The gentleman I bought it from gave me an additional (new) seat, a ton of extra gaskets, the original airboxes, and a grip of service records, etc. He installed a GUZZITECH exhaust and K&N Pods. The tires aren't new but have plenty of life. I have the pink and just paid registration. The bike comes with all the parts and spare seat. Again, the bike is really clean and just serviced by MCM, and this is smoking deal for someone with good taste, an appetite for raw power, and a normal hip. Because of the 200kb compression size, the pictures look pretty grainy, but I assure you bike is pretty damn clean for being 20 years old. $5500 firm. Cheers, and sobs. ninefourninefouronetwofivefiveonefour.
  3. for sport/lemans, unsure of mfg. Stein Dense maybe? $75. Plus buyer pays shipping. * a note on shipping: lately I've found that getting a quote on larger packages may not hold up when it comes time to ship. the charge can vary by carrier and by day of the week.
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