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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, V11 aficionados! This thread is about me and my Greenie. Good days and bad days. A steep learning curve, maintenance, and later on some tuning and styling. I bought the '00 V11 Greenie on the last day of August 2019. A friend drove me from Gausdal to Stryn, and I drove home on the bike. My first trip on a Guzzi since I sold the V65 Lario in 1995. 300 km in cold weather, rain, and sun. I enjoyed every moment, every curve. Right now I'm doing the long overdue winter maintenance. There are quite a lot of things to fix, inspect and enhance. I have a long list. I will be grateful for every comment. Flickr album is here
  2. Hello all, brand spanking new Guzzi rider here. I know very little about these bikes, and this is most modern machine I've ever owned. I posted this on the Guzzi Tech forum as well... I purchased a used 2001 v11 sport, loving it very much, already pondering some upgrades. I was wondering if it would be relatively easy, or even possible, to swap the front end off my bike and replace it with that of a 2008 (or later) Griso 8v. Mainly for the benefit of having radial mounted calipers. Has anyone ever done this? I'm not familiar with all the specs, but is there any reason to think that it wouldn't work? Or that it wouldn't be a good idea? The accompanying question is, where would I get a good used front end? There are lots of options on ebay for other bikes. (I'm currently watching some auctions for GSXR front ends for another project.) But used Guzzi parts are virtually non existent there, understandably so given how much smaller the "user base" is. This also begs the question: does anyone have any experience installing the front end of a modern Japanese bike onto the v11sport? Which models offer the easiest swap? Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know if the following handlebar stummels shown below are identical and will be interchangeable (or usable) with a 2004 V11 Sport Naked? 2001 V11 Sport RH 99-01 V11 Sport Mandello LH 02 V11 Sport LH These are available on eBay and i’d Like to switch out the ones on my 2004 Sport (not so) Naked for these as they appear to provide a 2” rise, which would be perfect. I expect these are the same. I know they are different from the ones on my bike. Also wondering if I will have to replace or reroute the cables. Thanks!
  4. Ok so my v11 sport has been fine and then the other morning cranks right up but will not revv. Literally it will idle forever but ANY throttle will cause it to choke and backfire and die. Dip off throttle and it resumes good idle. I pulled on plug wire at a time and yep both are firing. I thought maybe the fuel pressure regulator, and I had a spare, replaced that no issue. Now I'm wondering if the fuel pump is just weak but it idles great.... Luckily I have another V11 LeMans that is running fine so I can swap parts to try and narrow it down but where to start? Thoughts? Ideas? Insights? Gripes? I. Fielding all comers. --Ian
  5. Hey all. Just got a D'Alimonte Quarter Fairing on ebay to be installed on my 04' V11 Sport. I think it will look incredible! but I need to repair and repaint it. I need help matching the black/dark grey paint.
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