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Repairing a Ti can


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The pop rivets that I used are 3/16" diameter (5mm) x 1/8" long (3mm).



A good IPA always makes wrenching a little less stressfull :bier: .  Harpoon is good stuff but I have a new favorite...




I'm drinking coffee today. I have never drank alcohol, but wrenching on the Guzzi sometimes has me changing my mind about the decision not to drink.  :mg:




Thanks for the rivet size! I'll likely be on that tomorrow. I actually might use a Subaru driveshaft (2.5 inch diameter) as my tube to mold the sleeve back to shape.  :grin:

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Aluminum rivets work fine but may not last. Sometimes vibration causes them to break.

I prefer to use stainless rivets from my local boat store. They are a bit pricey, but if it is something you are not likely to be undoing/re-doing any time soon I find the stainless rivets last much longer.

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Ooh nice thread. Just purchased some TI cans with a couple of small dings. Now to find some PVC pipe and more importantly some IPA. The dents are removed more easily with some throat lubricant I take it!

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