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Breva Exhaust


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Well id like my Breva V11 to have a bit more noise out the back. more guzzi like.

Have narrowed selection down to either Mistral stainless E3 and compensator (no more cat :-D !) or Agostini's but for some reason Mistral seems to be a b'ger

to get hold of for the Breva.


Your thoughts Appreciated



Breva V1100 with gel seat, comfortable arse lol.


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Hi Steve,

CARC models don't get much attention here ,especially the Breva (just not sporty enough for most of us Sport lovers), but I found this,


Good Luck


Price Sloan makes a breva crossover that is the dogs danglies, sells em on guzzi tech, they are great. I dont find the exhaust pipe makes much difference, the stock cat and crossover are so restrictive, the bike is quiet even with the exhaust pipe removed, get a price sloan crossover from guzzitech, they are pure art

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Why not make enquiries with the following:-




They do a can for the Breva 1100 with the Y pipe, as I am hoping to get mine delivered by the end of the week.


If it finally arrives, and I get it fitted, I'll let you know the outcome.


Also found this thread:-




Hope this helps.





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