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Griso tank clearance


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Watch out for chaffed wire.

While there are a couple of small rubber 'support' pads, the petrol tank (on my Griso) actually sits against the steel frame, rocker head and presses on various wires and hoses. The underside of the tank is worn where it touches the frame and of course the paint is well worn off the frame.


Worst items were a nipped high tension cable – the tank sits on it where it passes over the rocker head and the cable can't take any other route to the spark plug! –

and the red insulation on live feed to the starter is completely worn through.

The +ve wire terminal on starter was fixed so that the cable was sticking up vertically, against the bottom of the fuel tank – so it wore through. I have turned it round a bit, though now the other wires that are part of the loom there are pulled tight.

Guzzi haven't left much slack to play with.


Same with the drain hoses that fit to the rear of the tank. Why are they so impossibly short, making them very difficult to attach? They don't pull through any more because of the way that everything is attached to everything else. Mine weren't attached after bike came from dealer, presumably because they are such a pain to fit. An extra 25-30mm would have made all the difference.

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I did try to calculate the cost, using the Guzzi's computer. It just said, 'What time is it?'... then the fuse blew.

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