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European Riders Rallye


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The European Riders Rallye wiil be again this year in Burkesville,Ky.It is sponsored by BMW of Nashville. Dates are May 14-16. It is located S.E. of Bowling Green and Glasgow about 20 mi. north of the Tn.state line. Don't expect me to know hwy. #s I'm from Ky. It always has good attendees and perfect hosts.

Hope you can be there!

p.s. go to their website BMWMCON.org for info and to pre-register.

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I went to this a couple of years back and a grand old time. In fact my avatar pic is from that event. They serve up a steak dinner on Saturday night that is great! I'm planning on taking the Tuono this year as the LeMans still isn't back together.

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