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Breaking In


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:D Wuhuu very excited about my new 2010 ABS Stelvio, enjoying the heck out of it.. all 55 miles of it so far :D I'm sure this topic has been covered before.. can anybody point towards a topic or provide recommendations for proper break in above and beyond the standard shop recommended??


All help would be great!! thanks in advance for the help a you Guzzi experts ;) .

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Just ride it *normally*, don't lug it, don't thrash it. Find a nice steep hill and accelerate up it HARD in 3rd or 4th a couple of times in one gear higher than you usually would, (ie, big throttle from about 3,000RPM. Do that a couple of times to seat the rings and you're set.


I find the 8V's close up their valve clearances radically in the first couple of thousand KM's but it would appear that the factory realized they would and have set the clearances wide to compensate but I always set them to spec and tell customers who are competent to check 'em and adjust at 800Km.


Be aware that some Stelvios have had a problem with the front axle clamp breaking. The pinch bolts should only be done up with an inch poung torque wrench and Guzzi have been arguing the toss if the front wheel is removed by anyone other than an 'Orforized Sevice Agent'. Me? I think it's a Marzocchi casting/machining problem. Just be aware.


Apart from that? as an ABS model it should have the latest map in it but check at 1st service. Get the suspension sorted to your liking and ride the piss out of it.



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