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Stelvio 1200 8v Tappets for 2013?


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Hello, I’ve been wanting an adventure touring bike, and have also  been interested in the 8v motor, so now I’m looking at Stelvios. There is a nice looking 2013 Stelvio NTX 1200 not too far away, in the burnt orange color (which I have mixed feelings about. I like  the red and silver best). I am not totally comfortable with a 2013 because I figure that there could have been left over flat tappets that made it into some 2013 bikes. This bike has the later 8.5 gallon tank. I am wondering if the larger 8.5 gallon tank change on the NTX model Stelvio means anything or is a marker in terms of the tappets that may been used?

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No, the big tank was used on some flat tappet models BUT if it is plated as a '13 it should be a roller motor.

For the full skinny on who, where, why and what I suggest you read my thread here.


In the tech section of the Ghetto you'll also find accurate info on other stuff that you should be aware of if considering a CARC bike. Notably things like swingarm bearing and shock linkage greasing and how to recognise if the throttlebodies have been monstered by a shaved ape. Although Griso-centric owners of all models are welcome. Some of the tech stuff is only viewable if you are registered.

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Thank you, Pete. As always, I appreciate your concrete and specific information and help. Thanks for the directive to the Griso link. I guess Griso riders got their own version of this place….good for them!

kind of wish I was a Griso rider :race:

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