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Lazy and a little color blind....Ignition switch colors?


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Ok,so I have finally gotten around to replacing my ignition switch (I broke the housing in a ham-handed attempt to take it apart, ) and have actually found a zadi pl336 replacement from Aprilia rsv1000. But instead of being truly "plug and play" the plug fittings and the wire coloring is different. Strike one, I suck at everything electrical, and strike two, I guess I'm a little more color blind than I thought I was. I really don't want to F(mess) this up, it is only four wires, and I'd rather never deal with this again. 

So, the original wires are (remind I'm a bit color blind)

Brown (Orange?)

Yellow and red 

Blue and red

Brown (orange?)

The new part is 





Can any of you fine folks help me out with matching the wires?

Yeah A little lazy relying on others, but hey, isn't that what forums are all about?

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Can't you just use the innards of the old switch with the casing from the new one?

Or do you not want to risk trying to take it apart again?


I had one damaged by a vandal whilst the bike was parked. Got a replacement and broke the casing trying to get it apart, got another replacement and successfully took it apart.

The innards I'm using are the original ones from the V11. They had to be, because the second replacement had a different switch in it. From an Aprilia Scooter, S50, I think. Very cheap on E-Bay second hand. The switch had only two contacts rather than four, but the housing is identical.

Getting the switch apart was not that hard on the second go, after messing it up the first time and then thinking about what I did wrong. B)

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