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Voltage regulator


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Hello all, I’ve read most of the threads regarding the voltage regulator, in particular the issues with the 30amp fuse melting. My bike suffers with this although it does take a while. I’ve cleaned/replaced all earths etc and it’s fitted with an odyssey battery which is kept on an optimate. It still has the original voltage regulator and I’m getting 13.6volts at the battery on tickover which rises to 13.95 with the headlight (led) and heated grips on. It remains consistent throughout the rev range, ie doesn’t increase. The battery warning lamp used to work but gave up sometime ago. ( the bulb is fine). I’m looking to replace the regulator with one that Gutsibits sell as an alternative to the original type. Its part number is ELA28739 and it includes a wiring diagram showing it connecting directly to the battery which I believe is the preferred set up to avoid the 30amp fuse issue. Has anyone used this particular regulator or can I have recommendations for an alternative preferably sourced from the UK. 

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I would think you are on the right path. IDK about  this setup but it should be fine. there is a MOSFET style regulator posted a few days ago sold through roadstercycle.com . I would look into this this too. The 30a fuse setup is needed but the one used in this circumstance is hokey-pokey.

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