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Is it only me doing these?


I claim my first quiz point for spotting the deliberate ommision of Quiz 6



No Martin, you're not alone but I just can't figure out what bike it is. A Rudge or something like that?



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Lookingat the shape of the tank badge I'd guess it's an Ariel. Obviously a twin port sloper, I'd also guess from the late twenties to early 30's. I forgot to look to see if it had rer uspension, (I think not.) If it has that's blown my theory out of the water.


The only thing that makes me wonder is the tower that looks like a cam drive. It's not a Chater-Lea face cam is it???? I thought they went out of production in the early twenties????



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You could buy Benelli bikes & scooters at J.C. Penny when I was a kid . I remember that was the first place in the store I wanted to go when we went to the big city .

Here's some more Benelli minibikes


I've always wanted a Benelli Volcano :thumbsup: If you like minibikes & I do , go to main index http://jleibovitch.tripod.com/id32.htm I had a Taco in 69 that I threw my paper route on & my Ma won a Skat Kitty in a raffle that same year .

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