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    Hi, you called me, the genie comes out of the bottle. Gentlemen, let me set things straight. There's in fact a warm-up function which in all Marelli 15xx BINs I've come across runs for 2000 engine revolutions after start, regardless of bike manufacturer. Neither the warm-up table nor the other trim tables mentioned below are hard-wired. They can be easily changed. I suggest one should know what one is doing before making any changes, though. The factor applied to the value which eventually will determine the injector opening time is in a 2D table. The x-axis is revolutions since start (every start), the 2nd axis is engine temperature. Search for warm-up table and you will find pictures of the table. Or use Tunerpro and load a BIN. The typical warm-up table has a factor of ~ 600% at -18°C engine temperature for 2 revolutions after start, the value tapers off with increasing revolutions. At higher engine temperatures the values are lower and taper off more quickly. Either way the warm-up function ends once the revs since start, every start, have passed. But.... There are two further temperature trim tables, also factors, which are part of the fuel calculation. One is a 1D engine temperature-indexed table, the other one a 1D air temperature-indexed table. Plus another other trim tables for air pressure and acceleration/deceleration. So the fuel calculation looks roughly like this. Fuel map value x factor engine temp x factor air temp x factor warm-up x factor air pressure x .... = final fuel value -> converted into a injector pulse width measured against end of pulse in relation to crankshaft as determined in the fuel phase table. See, no magic involved, very basic stuff. I've found that, as with many other trim tables, the warm-up and engine temp trim tables in Guzzi (and all others) BINs are not as dictated by the laws of physics and the circumstances of the engines (V11 and California) I've logged. Accordingly the warm-up and trim tables in my BINs are corrected. I've stopped my work on the V11 BIN 2 years ago and moved on to the Jackal and currently the 5AM ECU used in the Guzzi CARC models, the Aprilia Mana and many Ducatis and Morinis. So the more recent posts and results of the reverse engineering can be found here: https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=93758.0 or https://www.ducati.ms/threads/5am-bin-analysis.718031/ or https://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?336210-ECU-tuning-Looking-for-information Any further questions? No, then back into the bottle Cheers Meinolf
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    Italian bikes dont leak they perspire a little is all. Ciao
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    I didn't think you actually owned a car.
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    Hey! Good news! Read up on the relays. If your replacements are underrated, they may not last long. Also, look for the write-up on Relay Base Repair. They may benefit from tightening and certainly a cleaning/conditioning/sealing with something like Caig DeOxit. (There is nothing like Craig DeOxit!)
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    Oy. Thanks for all the ink spilled here on my behalf. I swapped relays and the bike started without protest. And the weather here in New Haven is sufficiently obliging at the beginning of February (thank you ExxonMobil) that I managed to take it for a ride around town dressed in a long sleeve tee shirt. This forum has helped shepherd me through numerous problems and I'm grateful for the time and interest on everyone's part.
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    It’s amazing how this little bikini fairing blocks the wind from the head area however a little breezing around the neck . I hope to rack up as many miles on mine as you have docc . Pretty impressive !! thanks again for your input 👍
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    Yes docc its always a wrench to disassemble again to do the painting and finishing. My main issue at the moment is waiting for parts and materials to arrive in the post. Silly stuff like fuel hose etc. Slows the process down a lot and you tend to need everything on hand with a project like this because you're making it up as you go. So to run fuel and breather hoses you need to have things like the throttle cable routed etc because everything is so tight and messy under the tank you need to consider everything before you can finalise things. The next major hurdle is adjustable steering stops which is going to mean fabricating a pair of stops and then machining off the old ones and bolting on the new. Cant see any other elegant way around it. My friend that usually does my machining for me is currently quite unwell and the last thing he needs is to be doing me machining favours so I'll need to work around that. Ciao
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    It does, but it is "frame mounted" (unlike the closer fork mounted flyscreens of the Sport), and mates to the later generation plastic headlamp bucket.
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    THAT is exactly what the car has been saying! Wheels are at the powdercoater, new tires waiting. Got vetted by an AMG/Porsche mechanic that, after ringing the secret doorbell, references, and a lengthy phone conversation, invited my by for an audition . . .
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    I would certainly be inclined to address the historically most common issues that make a V11 act (up) like this. Sure, could be the timing sensor. It's just that has proven to be an exceedingly uncommon failure. Most common? Failed relays, especially Position #1 (and #2) on the early V11. But also Position#5. Obtain a full set of the referenced 5-pin OMRON High Current Relays and seat them in all positions with a spritz of magic on the contacts (Caig DeOxit®) Next most common, Ignition Switch. It's a little fiddly to get apart, but the soldered wiring can be inspected/repaired and the contacts inside cleaned and lubificated (Caig or Vaseline®) I realize that is worth precisely what you just paid for it . . .
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    Replaced the valve cover gasket yesterday with a cheap and simple greenie item available off eBay. Test ride today indicates the oil boundary is holding. Will see what a few more miles and heat cycles do. As mentioned in another thread, most time was taken by cleaning off remnants of the old gasket. Didn't the Japanese solve the problem of engine oil leaks about fifty years ago?
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    Thank you, footgoose. I'm the third owner of this bike, it's mine since november 2018 (with only 6 500 km on the odometer). Since I bought it, I've driven 4 000 km : simply, the best bike I ever had ! The back line of the bike matters to me, too . That's why I was looking for this Guzzi accessory. Thank you docc. About the "clamps", I understood well what they were used for, ............but I didn't have the right tool to put them on, at the moment I took the photos !
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    All good. Fixed it for ya, buddy. Wish I had the answer for your fairing noise. Have you tried putting a hand on it in various places to see if it damps the noise?
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    two more photos
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    Saturday, after a long time, I managed to finish my V750SPc and finally be able to drive it. A very different line from when the V750SP left the factory, but after an accident I could not rebuild it with the same aesthetic and I made it "C" using pieces of at least 10 motorcycles. Nevada, California, Benelli 125, Harley Davidson 883, V65C and others have donated pieces for it to come as you see. I hope you like It!
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