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  1. Springs received - Thank You to all involved !
  2. Thanks Scud, Payment sent for 2 springs !!
  3. Hi Guys, I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I'd be in for two springs if they become available. As far as I know, my 2003 LeMans still has the original... I would like to replace before the inevitable happens, and would like to have a spare as well. Looking over this thread I can appreciate all the work that's gone into this, thank you !
  4. MGrego


  5. Received mine last week -- Thank you again for your good work !!
  6. I saw these while surfing the web for V11 luggage. Are these an older style Cortech ? I don't see ones like this from them now. I thought they looked good and functional too --
  7. I'm going to look into those -- I took a nice tour through the Ozarks this past weekend with lots of twists and turns throught the mountains -- my shoulders and palms are quite sore from all the pressure on them !
  8. Regarding the tail bag you don't love, if you wanted to sell it I might be interested --
  9. Looks great ! I like the "custom" hardbags, never seen another V11 with ones like that -- How do you find the MPH bar risers ? I was thinking of doing that to my V11 lemans...
  10. Two plates received this past weekend ! Here is one about to go on my friend's Sport (no trouble installing), my LeMans is soon to follow -- Thanks again to Tim and Pete !! Two more V11's upgraded !!
  11. I had the exact same experience recently installing the Stucci crossover. Wound up cutting off about an inch of the real left to get the muffler hanger to line up -- this after trying it on and off about a dozen times...
  12. I recently found an unused Stucchi crossover on e-bay, I combined the crossover with some exhaust headers from an '01 sport. This allowed me to delete the sagging forward crossover on my '03. I think it looks better too. I had to cut about an inch off one side of the crossover to get the muffler to line back up into the right position. It's heavy gauge metal !
  13. Thank you for keeping us updated --
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