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  2. May end up going that way. Looking mainly to add a little protection topside for the occasional tank bag.
  3. I am about to get my tank back from the painter for the swap and was curious if anyone had a line on the top decal for the late model tanks. Cant find anything based on the kit numbers referenced in the parts manual. Like this one. "una storia italiana"
  4. Yet another late model fuel tank...cheap. Also, a properly priced fuel pump assembly. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/KIT-ELETTROPOMPA-MOTO-GUZZI-V11-NUOVA-/232055841576?hash=item36079b2328:g:PUEAAOSwV0RXuf3t http://www.ebay.ie/itm/GU-01100290-ACERBI-Serbatoio-TANK-Benzintank-tanque-Fueltank-MOTO-GUZZI-V11-/122223304241?hash=item1c75139e31:g:LwgAAOSwgY9Xfmkg
  5. Yes, I'll take one since mine is stripped and easy to get to.
  6. Ordered several thing from them early in the week and got them in 2 days. Not much need for expedited shipping.
  7. I had and I have one I could use but decided against it as it was intended for another project. I don't really have the disposable income to buy another as I am trying to get three project together at once. Since I have multiple harness assemblies I figured it would be better at this point to just improve what's there and move on. Anyway, when I got started at the last post I found several issues while I had the bike stripped. Coils were just hanging on by a thread, the breather hose was quite brittle and was making a mess, and the ECU mounts needed replacing. Silent blocks on these things don't seem to hold up well. All those parts made it in yesterday. It appears that the heat of the coils cooked the end of the breather hose and may have had a hand in degrading the mounts as well. Procured some nice water tight connectors to replace the cheesy bullet connectors and had new battery cables made. Also, received new horns and relay circuit so I have no more excuses. Time to get back on it.
  8. Lost one of the greats. Best contribution to rock and roll. RIP Chuck
  9. I have finally received a few add on components for the harness from a company I have done business with several times in the past to improve Guzzi wiring deficiencies: http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/main.html As was recommended I got a headlight relay: http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/Wiring_Kits/H4_Kits/h4_kits.html Unfortunately, they stopped making the horn relay kit but he had all the components. I also will be incorporating a 3 circuit add on to support the additional relayed circuits and a few addition items like heated gear, GPS/Phone charging. This will eliminate the dreaded terminal stack on the battery. http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/Wiring_Kits/Fuseboxes/3_Circuit/3CS-Sealed/3cs-sealed.html The one thing I could use a bit more info on is the 30amp circuit that supports the alternator. Mine was totally bypassed and I see that Docc has taken his to a new level with marine grade breakers. Is this mostly due to the constant draw by the headlight that keeps wiring/connectors and the like hot all the time? Would an LED headlight minimize this issue or is the harness itself just too deficient to support this? Since I am incorporating a headlight relay circuit would this also remove additional strain? Single circuit kits are also available if this is a better way to go. http://www.easternbeaver.com/Main/Wiring_Kits/Fuseboxes/Wiring_Kits/wiring_kits.html
  10. This bracket did not look like a big deal to make provided you could make a good template. Just for laughs, if the bracket is not available, I resized Docc's original photo so that if you print it "actual size" the rule at the bottom of the photo lined up with an actual ruler. Could be a good place to start. Since I have mine torn down for the wiring project I will give it a go.
  11. If you drained the oil cooler it might take a bit longer to build pressure. Crank without plugs as recommended.
  12. mmm...leopard skin on a lovely female. And the bike is nice too.
  13. The specs for the meter can be found on the Koso website. http://kosonorthamerica.com/shop/motorcycle-mx/rx-2n/ The dash comes with a reed switch setup with a universal bracket for mounting to the front wheel area. As I mentioned there is an additional part that you can purchase that threads onto the end of your speedo cable to provide signal which is the way I chose to go. http://kosonorthamerica.com/shop/motorcycle-mx/speed-signal-converter-c-white-jst-connecter/ And yes, they did provide a harness with properly color coded wires to adapt to the meter. They also provide a bracket that allows you to install in the same manner as the stock setup. The question of crimp verses soldering I figured on using epoxy lined shrink tube with a soldered joint. It's used primarily in marine application and the adhesive nature of the shrink tube provides a proper seal from the elements and strain relief for the joint so it should minimize the affects of vibration.. https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=7739 A horn relay will definitely be a priority but since I will be using an LED headlight I might be ok on the headlight relay.
  14. That's a good start. So, no mod to the harness? Mine has some serious stress.
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