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  1. Hi Plexiform I wasn't expecting to be sending it to CA , I hope you haven't paid too much for postage , I've only just started using the GSP on ebay and sold a few bits overseas now. I know for us buying from the US is too expensive, not just the post but import tax at our end, I don't think you pay any in the US, is that right? I doubt you'll get it before March 6th , I can't post it until Monday 1st , probably best to wait a few days to delay things and get it sent to your new address. You've got some nice bikes , I sold my Guzzi Cafe Sport as my knees just couldn't handle it , big disappointment as I loved that bike. I've just bought (last year) an 03 Suzuki DL1000 fully loaded with luggage and all the toys so hoping to do some camping /touring this year if we're allowed to. Thanks Steve
  2. Original V11 Tank Bag UK I've listed it on ebay so might be better to go there. The photos I have are too big for here. I've put it at £75 as it's very rare but open to offers https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-Tank-Bag-V11/114704853201?hash=item1ab4f128d1%3Ag%3AEtgAAOSw4BVgOM39&LH_ItemCondition=3000 Ask any questions
  3. Troutman


  4. It looks like all my photos have gone because the host must have changed something. (photobox.co.uk) Anyone got any ideas on how to get them linked back in?. They're still on the site but must have been given a new link or something. This thread needs the photos..I was really proud of it. UPDATE....I didn't realise I can still edit these old posts...It'll take some time and working out which photos to use but I think I can get it all done soon. 10 mins later all done! ENJOY
  5. It is with huge regret that I have decided to sell my V11 Cafe Sport. My knees just can't deal with the riding position and I need to thin my bikes down a bit too. Here is a link to how I got the bike... Cafe Sport from Czech It is a cracking bike all UK registered now and MOT'd. I'll add some more photos once the weather improves. I had the Ohlins steering damper rebuilt I have changed the KMH ITI speedo for an electronic MPH one featured in this thread... Replacement for ITI Speedo Looking for £6000 I am also selling my 2003 Ducati 1000SS if anyone is interested..£3000 Classic air cooled Italian bike
  6. You're welcome, let me know if you need help, I think I can remember what I did.
  7. After reading that i'm glad I bought my Cafe Sport now..
  8. I saw this a few months ago and can't believe it hasn't sold. Moto Guzzi V11 1100cc £6995 for what is a new bike and not likely to come across one ever again quite like it. When you think a Ducati Sport Classic would be £20k , If I hadn't bought my Cafe Sport then I would surely buy this. Not sure about those cans though, they look very long, might just be the way it's photographed.
  9. Saw this on UK ebay..New listing Moto Guzzi V11 speedometer - New old stock
  10. I have an Ohlins damper on my Cafe Sport and it moves just like that. I've just had it rebuilt by BG Motorsport, Silverstone and I wondered about that but I suppose it needs to move freely in all directions.
  11. I have a 1000 Supersport and love it. Engine above 5k is sublime , brakes , handles very well indeed. Also very comfortable for me. Same engine as the Classics but with far better suspension for a fraction of the price. I paid £2200 for mine and it's mint.
  12. My Cafe Sport at the top of the Stelvio Pass.
  13. So the backlight issue was my fault of course...didn't read the manual that came with the speedo. I hadn't powered up the backlight (I thought it would be there with main power but you are supposed to connect it to the light switch, which we don't have) Anyway I powered it from the other bulb wire and it all works fine. Thought I would take another photo of the speedo in the bike with the cover removed. You can see the wee rubber damper things. The ends of those need to be 82mm from the back of the bezel, it's easy to adjust using the thumbscrews and a small spanner.
  14. Just been out for a quick ride to test it and all seems good. I think the speed displayed is near spot on. I totally love this bike..it handles so well for a heavy lump..definitely a keeper.
  15. I think they would Scud. He mentioned it to me when I ordered mine but I think they would need to do quite a large number (50-100) to make it work. I'll ask when I speak to them next week. I might be sending mine back as It doesn't illuminate, I've gone through all the functions and have it set at 100% brightness but only the LED gets brighter! I would have thought it should have a back light don't you? " Nice work. I think that's the most elegant speed sensor I've seen so far."..I think so too . Also with the speedo, there is no holes to drill etc in the cover.
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