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  2. This is the V11 Sport I wish I had bought. Lesson learned - buy the $6k bike with >$10k already spent on it rather than the $3k bike that needs $6k just to get "right". VT4L
  3. It also shows once again how nice these look with the side panels removed and the factory airbox gone so you can see the shock and spring. Farkle mod my ass...even if it does nothing for performance it does everything for the aesthetics. If it looks faster, it is faster :-) VT4L
  4. Already saving my pennies for one someday. Strikes the right balance of sound, capability and speed while having the added benefit of being a genuine made in the USA exotic. VT4L
  5. My greenie did this when I first bought it. It was blowing the headlight fuse within 1-2 minutes of starting the bike. Glad you made it home! VT4L
  6. Hence my reluctance to find out exactly how bad this really is - the cost of a new/replacement box and clutch job will exceed the purchase price. Thanks very much for the info and replies though . It lets me know where I am headed if I keep her. It's comments like the one my friend made today though that give me hope: " Your bike sounds AWESOME. I was pulling in the clutch on my bike just so I could hear yours". VT4L
  7. Thanks! It is probably already cracked - I have a small leak in the tranny somewhere that drips onto the pipe and smells wonderful. It's never enough to make it to the ground, but there is definitely a small leak somewhere. Clutch is already slipping at WOT in high gears, but it's fine if I take it easy. Hope to put this off until next year for spousal harmony.... VT4L
  8. Got a link or more info on where to procure that ? I'd like to do that on my greenie when the clutch gets fixed. Thx Vt4L
  9. Beats mine by a country mile...that's quite a find ! Wish I had searched (and paid) more. There's nothing more expensive than a cheap Italian quasi exotic (car or bike). VT4L
  10. From reading your post, you pretty much described my old 1992 Yamaha FJ1200. You want a bike to do 120 all day long, revel in the sweepers and basically not worry much about maintenance or surprise issues ? That's the one. But, you want a V11. Hey I get it. I don't ride an FJ any more and the siren song of that Guzzi big twin is really hard to shake once it gets into your soul. You seem to know your bikes and aren't afraid to get dirty - you'll do fine on a V11. Yeah it'll be flogged if that's what you ask of it and it'll certainly do "the ton" with little effort. It may have a few more issues that you might like, but you'll overlook those every time you swing a leg over it and hear it roar. I have the wonky shift spring, a likely cracked case (leaks some fluid on the exhaust) and a slipping clutch. And I still cant wait to ride it as much as I possibly can. The EV is just sitting idle now...sad but true. As others have said and you've noted - all of the bike's flaws have been painstakingly laid bare on the interwebs. Go in with your eyes open. And come out of the corners with your mouth open too..in a huge smile. VT4L
  11. Nice bike! Welcome to the clan...some amount of "character" is to be expected from any sexy Italian so ignore the shifter nonsense for now, get some wind in the chest motoring done and listen to the irresistible sound of the Guzzi big twin as it revs :-). We're all here for a short time. I hope I'm trailering home another Guzzi at 70 ! Hats off to you sir... Vt4L
  12. Thanks very much everyone - lots of good ideas here ! VT4L
  13. vtwins4life

    Rear Stand

    So..what are you guys using for a rear stand ? Since the V11 Sport has no centerstand I'd like to get something I can use for maintenance. What's good, what's not...etc - any info is appreciated. VT4L
  14. Tell me, gururs of Guzzidom, does the bike at least have a rev limiter ? Seeing as how I may be without a working tach for some time, it would be good know there's something preventing me from grenading the motor. VT4L
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