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  1. vtwins4life

    Another V11

    I saw an MT01 at Alice's up on the Skyline outside of Palo Alto a decade ago and never forgot it. Been trying to find one in the States is near impossible and importing one from Canada is out of the question since the model was never certified here. Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days and score one.... VT4L
  2. My bad - I see you already have an EV. Problem solved! VT4L
  3. I would be looking at yoga and flexibility exercises, not pure strength. I can't ride my V11 Sport for more than an hour or two without serious wrist and hip pain. There just isn't enough leg room on this thing to really get comfortable (I am 6' 1"" and 195#). Which is why I have a V11 EV as well. On the "flying couch" I can just about ride all day without serious pain anywhere. Maybe you need a second bike for the long days. VT4L
  4. It's the world we live in now - dealers don't want to get involved in far-fetched "will this work" kind of efforts like this apparently. Swap out factory part for factory part from same model/year bike ? No problem. Swap out something from an older bike onto a newer bike from 20-30 years ago ? They've never been asked to do it, and don't want to assume the risk if it doesn't work out. They are quite professional and have done excellent work for me in the past. VT4L
  5. The Shop called me today. They have never taken apart a Guzzi diff so they quoted me a range of 2-10 hours to do the work, and I'm on the hook for any wrong parts they order. Hard Pass....guess I'll just live with the tall gearing.... VT4L
  6. Help a brotha out with a year make and model of a T5 (latest possible please) that would use the 7/33 gearing :-) VT4L
  7. So...my shop has agreed in theory to take this on over the winter. Now, I just need part #'s (or the make/model and year of the bike it came on) for the 7 and 8 tooth pinions. Can anyone assist with that ? Many thanks ! VT4L
  8. Get an EV like I did for those long cruises. It's extremely comfortable and yet surprisingly nimble when the road gets twisty. Makes a great companion bike for the Sport. One for short blasts to the Sunday hangout. One for the long rides across state lines. VT4L
  9. Agree on all counts and I'd do it all over again. Scratch that.... I'd just spend the meager $6-7k to get a perfect and sorted one. They are out there if you look..... VT4L
  10. Inside of every $3500 V11 greenie on ebay is $5000 of maintenance just waiting to be done. Been there.... VT4L
  11. As a guy who bought a bargain 2000 V11 Sport, only to sink $5k in over 2 years (shop rates, I don't wrench), I'd want to make sure it's all there. With LA traffic being what it is, I'd be sure the clutch is still strong as that alone was the better part of $2k for me. And you're going to want to make sure it has the transmission brace before the cases crack (I got that issue too). It's a great bike and I'd probably do it all over again. Everyone I let ride it, gets off with a huge smile and offers to take it home. They are special for sure. VT4L
  12. A "taller" rear gear (lower/smaller number numerically) decreases revs in each gear (for a given road speed), lowers revs on the highway, increases MPG and makes for less aggressive take off. A "shorter" rear gear (higher/larger number numerically) would be the opposite of all those, and what I want. The gearing on the EV is absurdly tall and could use to be shortened for better take offs, and being able to actually use 5th gear at legal speeds. It reminds me of some wide-ratio 3-speed car transmissions from back in the day. Sporty, the gearing is not. VT4L
  13. Thanks All. My bike runs very well and is not in need of a tune up. I think some may not be aware of the very different transmission in the EV as compared to the Sports and similar models. It's a very wide ratio 5-speed (which feels more like a 4-speed plus OD). We all know not to lug the motor on these, and 80mph in 4th is a little over 4000rpm. Shifting into 5th under 80 puts the motor down below 3500. Couple that with the larger throttle opening you need at highway speeds and it just doesn't feel terribly happy to me. I'll investigate the older ring/pinion setup of the previous gen bikes. VT4L
  14. Does anyone know what the rear axle ratio is on our V11 bikes ? Are any of them different or are they all the same for all V11s? I'd love to get something shorter on my EV as it's absurdly tall for the riding I do around here. I never use 5th as you don't even shift into it until 85mph. VT4L
  15. Nice V11! If you are done with those Motobits peg and lever parts please let me know. Was about to buy that kit for my V11 Sport. Thanks! VT4L
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