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  1. Happy to ! https://worcester.craigslist.org/mcy/d/shrewsbury-2000-moto-guzzi-v11-sport/7200193780.html VT4L
  2. EV is sold. Only the Greenie remains... VT4L
  3. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2003-ghezzi-brian-super-twin-folgore/ I HAD to share this one!!! VT4L
  4. I have been researching R230's for a few years. Almost had a pristine 10k mile SL55 in my grasp but it had too many issues so I let it go. Ended up with a real nice 09 SL550 instead in retina melting Mars Red :-).
  5. Sure - all parts were for a 2002 LeMans I believe (unless noted) but they would fit and work for most V11 Sports as well. Rear shock - not new but very low miles as I understand it Complete Wiring Harness - used Engine Computer (ECU) Printed Factory Shop Manuals Misc front and rear turn signals Factory Mufflers (dark purplish color) - look almost perfect Broken Tach from 2000 V11 Slightly warped front Brembo rotor (needs refinish) from 1998 EV Extra brake pedal from 1998 EV all reasonable offers entertained... VT4L
  6. I have a boatload of parts that I may either bundle with the bikes for the right price, or sell separately. I recently bought all of Bill Bassett's stuff (was posted here a few months ago) if you want to peruse that list and contact me about anything there. For now the Corbin goes with the bike. I've never had the stock seat on the EV in 7 years. VT4L
  7. Had a good run on 2 wheels (30 years) - bought a killer convertible and I'm done for a while. People just can't be bothered to pay attention any more. VT4L
  8. Both of my V11's are up for sale - pics and words here. Contact me for more details and photos. https://worcester.craigslist.org/mcy/d/shrewsbury-2000-moto-guzzi-v11-sport/7179794273.html https://worcester.craigslist.org/mcy/d/shrewsbury-1998-moto-guzzi-v11-ev/7179792706.html VT4L
  9. I saw an MT01 at Alice's up on the Skyline outside of Palo Alto a decade ago and never forgot it. Been trying to find one in the States is near impossible and importing one from Canada is out of the question since the model was never certified here. Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days and score one.... VT4L
  10. My bad - I see you already have an EV. Problem solved! VT4L
  11. I would be looking at yoga and flexibility exercises, not pure strength. I can't ride my V11 Sport for more than an hour or two without serious wrist and hip pain. There just isn't enough leg room on this thing to really get comfortable (I am 6' 1"" and 195#). Which is why I have a V11 EV as well. On the "flying couch" I can just about ride all day without serious pain anywhere. Maybe you need a second bike for the long days. VT4L
  12. It's the world we live in now - dealers don't want to get involved in far-fetched "will this work" kind of efforts like this apparently. Swap out factory part for factory part from same model/year bike ? No problem. Swap out something from an older bike onto a newer bike from 20-30 years ago ? They've never been asked to do it, and don't want to assume the risk if it doesn't work out. They are quite professional and have done excellent work for me in the past. VT4L
  13. The Shop called me today. They have never taken apart a Guzzi diff so they quoted me a range of 2-10 hours to do the work, and I'm on the hook for any wrong parts they order. Hard Pass....guess I'll just live with the tall gearing.... VT4L
  14. Help a brotha out with a year make and model of a T5 (latest possible please) that would use the 7/33 gearing :-) VT4L
  15. So...my shop has agreed in theory to take this on over the winter. Now, I just need part #'s (or the make/model and year of the bike it came on) for the 7 and 8 tooth pinions. Can anyone assist with that ? Many thanks ! VT4L
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