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  1. As a guy who bought a bargain 2000 V11 Sport, only to sink $5k in over 2 years (shop rates, I don't wrench), I'd want to make sure it's all there. With LA traffic being what it is, I'd be sure the clutch is still strong as that alone was the better part of $2k for me. And you're going to want to make sure it has the transmission brace before the cases crack (I got that issue too). It's a great bike and I'd probably do it all over again. Everyone I let ride it, gets off with a huge smile and offers to take it home. They are special for sure. VT4L
  2. A "taller" rear gear (lower/smaller number numerically) decreases revs in each gear (for a given road speed), lowers revs on the highway, increases MPG and makes for less aggressive take off. A "shorter" rear gear (higher/larger number numerically) would be the opposite of all those, and what I want. The gearing on the EV is absurdly tall and could use to be shortened for better take offs, and being able to actually use 5th gear at legal speeds. It reminds me of some wide-ratio 3-speed car transmissions from back in the day. Sporty, the gearing is not. VT4L
  3. Thanks All. My bike runs very well and is not in need of a tune up. I think some may not be aware of the very different transmission in the EV as compared to the Sports and similar models. It's a very wide ratio 5-speed (which feels more like a 4-speed plus OD). We all know not to lug the motor on these, and 80mph in 4th is a little over 4000rpm. Shifting into 5th under 80 puts the motor down below 3500. Couple that with the larger throttle opening you need at highway speeds and it just doesn't feel terribly happy to me. I'll investigate the older ring/pinion setup of the previous gen bikes. VT4L
  4. Does anyone know what the rear axle ratio is on our V11 bikes ? Are any of them different or are they all the same for all V11s? I'd love to get something shorter on my EV as it's absurdly tall for the riding I do around here. I never use 5th as you don't even shift into it until 85mph. VT4L
  5. Nice V11! If you are done with those Motobits peg and lever parts please let me know. Was about to buy that kit for my V11 Sport. Thanks! VT4L
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1984-Moto-Guzzi-V12/254331040739?hash=item3b374fb3e3:g:S0IAAOSwoA5dVN33 Oh. My. VT4L
  7. I have been following them since I bought mine and I would say that $8k is the extreme high end of the market, even with extras. I have seem some pristine low mileage examples go for $6-7k. I've seen enough of them in fact to kick myself until my shins ache for buying a $3500 bargain/beater. My honest opinion is that the mileage is too high on yours to support that price. And I'd buy yours (or make a good offer) in a heartbeat if I could get $8k for my greenie. I have even more into it than that, and I'm sure you're taking a loss too given all of those tasty bits. VT4L
  8. Yeah sorry man - didn't mean to rain on any parades here. It's just that - as we all know - despite the off-the-charts fun to ride factor of the V11, it's just not a easily sold package. I was out with a friend this weekend who purchased an FJ-09 2 years back. He rode over 50 bikes (!) and did way more homework than any normal bike buyer I've ever met. We swapped bikes for an hour and I let him run loose through the CT back roads on my V11. At the first stop not 10 minutes into the ride, he was grinning from ear to ear and shouted over to me at a stoplight "I WANT TO TAKE THIS HOME NOW! CAN I GIVE IT BACK IN A MONTH?" Seems he might have factored in those boring things like comfort and reliability a bit too much in his search :-). Good luck with your sale man. As I've said before, I wish I had found a bike like yours for $7-8k that needed nothing instead of a "bargain" that needed $5k to get right. I'll never get my money out of it, so I guess I just need to ride the wheels off the damn thing. I know an FJ pilot who is ready to swap with me on any given Sunday :-). VT4L
  9. It's pretty, but he'll be "looking for $8k" for a long time I think.... Vt4l
  10. One of my mates has this kit on his LeMans and it's very nice. Might get it for my Sport soon. http://www.motobits.com/guzzi.htm VT4L
  11. Sorry I snagged the carbon LaFranconi's before you noticed them on US ebay yesterday. I almost fell over when I won them at $66. Where are all the Guzzi parts buyers hiding? VT4L
  12. Did i really just get a set of LaFranconi carbons for $66 ??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-LE-MANS-V11-LA-FRANCONI-OEM-CARBON-FIBER-MUFFLERS-/323859300474?nma=true&si=8S%2B62sD57wOuzixyBPjJcRPXyq0%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Yes, yes I did :-) VT4L
  13. OK now you're in my neighborhood. I started with a 95 Speed Triple and then traded it in on the bike in the pic - a fly yellow 1998 Daytona T595 (955cc) with the factory high pipe and tune. It was the fastest bike I ever owned, and I'd say it probably had the best brakes and suspension too. Even the transmission was perfection...snick, snick, snick. It got too uncomfortable for me though even with Heli bars so I sold it, took a few years off (young kids) and got back into riding with a Yamaha GTS1000. The only real downside of the T595 besides the riding position is engine heat. It was like riding an oven in the summer. All of the heat would go into your thighs and the frame to the point you didn't want to squeeze the bike between your legs like you really should when riding it hard. In cooler weather, it was perfect. It also never needed anything and was mechanically perfect just like the Speed Triple I had before it. Do it :-) Vt4L
  14. I'd also add that the EV is way more "standard" than cruiser. Just move your feet to the (perfectly placed) passenger pegs right below you and voila, a great stance for tackling twisty roads. I never use the floor boards except during shifting and braking. I'm also a big fan of the Hinckley Triumph triples...what a great motor. Lots of different ways to enjoy it in their product line.... VT4L
  15. I'll second the EV11 recommendation as that's what I have in the garage (Greenie + EV). For those days when you want to just chill and cover miles without pain, it's hard to beat. And you still have that wonderful motor down there (not to mention the same brakes and a decent chassis) when you want to have fun. VT4L
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