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  1. Are you planning on running through Vancouver Canada? If so send me a note as that's my hood, I can provide wine if needed. We are also taking another run at Yukon/Alaska this year........... waiting for insect levels to fall off a little. John day this week should be fun. Ciao
  2. By the way........... anyone of the brethren leaving from the Vancouver B.C area for the trek down? Ciao
  3. Yes that will be me................ the ride is more than half the fun of it.
  4. Yes............. most definitely. A group of us went to the last one years ago and had a great time. Will be rolling in there this year for a few days Fri/Sat. Looking forward to hanging with you all. Ciao
  5. That is a virtual steal.............. You wont find much in other manufacturers offerings for twice that money JMHO is all.
  6. Yes very nice............ looks the part as well with the unobtanium factory Ti-Racing exhaust system which looks damage free. Shame about the non factory painted valve covers and what looks to be possibly aftermarket carbon like turn signals. Its good to see that there are still nice ones out there. Ciao
  7. Was wondering if anyone might know of a reputable MG service center or independent shop in the Washington state area. Thx in advance.
  8. Come on Pete............... nothing sounds like those high cams am I right people? Ciao
  9. I will never forget my big harry chested 996S Ridden in anger at a younger age (read eye site ) it was torturous but wonderful. Ciao
  10. Any of you well seasoned northern travelers have any suggestions on a reputable guy/shop to perform tire change on MGs in Whitehorse? Thx in advance.
  11. Your ruthless Doc........... As for all the other stuff.......... all you need to do is take a trip through a dealership of all the new plastic wonders and compare this sexy thing to all the other new junk for the full asking price and as Mitcha once told me ( MI out of Seattle ) some here the music........ most don't. There not making any more of these wonderful machines are they. Ciao
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