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  1. Congrats. You fellas down in the good old U.S of A will have a monster capital advantage buying Guzzis up here now. Not sure what the final tally would be going that way but at present its taking $1.40 plus in exchanges from this side to acquire your machinery...... Your going to love the Stelvio for eating up monster miles in comfort .... enjoy. Ciao
  2. They are spectacular to own and ride, PS. Thx Doc for the heads up on mine.
  3. Toured with my 2014 Norge for years then sold it and started traveling with the Stelvio ( the ultimate suv of Guzzis ). Stelvio has tons of room for me as well as any passenger and with the factory top loader bags I personally will never go back to the Norge for traveling. Of course that's until I cant get it of the side stand then maybe a V85 or other. Ciao
  4. Good luck with the sale Rockers.............. these are spectacular machines with immense character to to own and ride IMHO Ciao
  5. you guys are awesome Maybe once we are allowed in your country I can participate. Ciao
  6. Yup appears to be intact............. Its just sad as for what they are asking that Ti-Racing exhaust system is worth almost 1/3 the price. Wonderful machines to own and ride .......... truly under valued in the grand scheme of things IMHO. Ciao
  7. I would love the comparison to move into up front cost of each and then move along to absolute cost over say a five year term... resale and stuff like that. And then there is the soul moving experience to consider over the term of ownership as well as so much else when you move into these levels. Me thinks the toasters are gonna loose.......... IMHO
  8. Positive Pneumatic bleeder is what I use. You can start off with zero in the reservoirs with these units I believe. Ciao
  9. I know this may sound a little off but................... How old are the batteries? Over the years I have found that a new battery solves a lot of issues. Ciao
  10. That's a beauty.............. these are wonderful and soulful machines. Ciao
  11. Yup................ That's what I'm after. Unfortunately I am not a Facebook member. Is their any way I can contact him privately or through this forum? Thx in advance.
  12. As a V-11 Spinney enthusiast I'm not yet an owner of one of these Tenni models but was wondering if any of you might have any ideas on searching for a pristine unmolested example. I hope the moderators might not find this out of line in posting this here. Ciao
  13. Anyone have a like new Ti-racing exhaust system complete they may want to part with. PM me if you have or know of one available. Thx in advance
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