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    03 v11LaMans,73ElDorado850,13V7stone. Bmw81R100rt,73R90/6.
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  1. SkidMarks


    Top triple tree bracket drilled for bar risers. To fit 2003 V11LeMans 720 244 1915 Colorado USA
  2. I feel very lucky and fortunate to be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience gained over many years of members on this website . Education is like gold that all of you were willing to share with me thanks so much for taking an interest in this novice v11 Le Mans owner .
  3. Thank you for entertaining my eccentricities. The response to my question was International and very fast, I’ve never heard of a form like this before it’s great. I am currently 64 years old and have been riding motorcycles ever since I was 10 years old. Thank you to all that have responded, C.M.
  4. I have owned the V11 going on one month now. Have no idea what the stock one was. Just noticed that there was a provision for one. Would you be able to give me some constructive criticism on whether to add one or just leave it alone. Thank you Cliff Marks
  5. Wanted 2003v11 Le Mans steering damper
  6. Dave that’s a beautiful motorcycle. One of those was my first Moto Guzzi of course it wasn’t as tasty as the one you finished . To quote the country singer George Jones “it reminds me of the one I loved back then “ thanks for sharing, great job.
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