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  1. I remember talking to an 8 valve Norge owner in a parking lot near my place on a hot summers day. I complimented him on having such a nice bike and he replied ," thanks but it's a bitch in weather like this as the fuel boils." And you could actually hear the fuel percolating even with the engine off. Heat rejection is not one of its strong points.
  2. But the whole point is that Guzzi didn't and probably because screw fixtures look crap and spoil lines. The whole 'aero' thing had about as much subtlety as a sheet of corrugated iron with a bloody great hole in it. Bring on EICMA.
  3. Should have had an eagle screeching in the background and drone cameras flying into the work shop ... Oh, wait .... that might infringe copyright too. Best to stick with Colin the rubber chicken and voice over some clucks at points of interest. Chris.
  4. So why even have the brace if its purpose is not really air control? Resonance, the heat shield over the header would vibrate like a metal blade Venetian blind against an open window in a hurricane and the brace mass dampens it. The twist in the blade is an after thought and detracts from its real reason. How's that for conjecture? On another site there is a claim that the tank mounted air brakes are actually hand warmers. (Wow, and here is me thinking that was cylinder heads were for at stops.) So open the flaps and stick both hands in like pop up toasters whilst riding?
  5. Mechanical support for the heat shield not the pipe. It would serve better use as a mitred brace if the shield is only clipped to the header in two points. (Sure I mentioned that before, then again maybe I didn't.)
  6. Hi Phil, good to have a trained eye on this but please accept that I have had 50 years of being involved with model aircraft and kinda know where a bad place for a control surface would be. Low Reynolds number, shadowed by a bluff body, turbulent air stream all make for an ineffective device. Not arguing the intention but surely you, with less of a history in aerodynamics could design a better more fuel effective deflector in your sleep? The poster who mused that the "mad aero tech" would serve more purpose as a mechanical strengthener was me. And I stick by it. If you examine the entire body of the header you could well conclude that the heat sheild's wash could easily defeat any effect that the deflector has. It's a far bigger curved wing .....but look it's not worth arguing about further. Thanks, Chris. P.S. my guess with all of this is that in testing the bike the riders detected a heat waft coming from repositioned pipes, the accountants said no to double walling, the stylists said make it a feature and the engineers said provide something to obviate the predicted complaints - it doesn't have to work it merely has to be an attempt.
  7. From reducing drag I agree, but deflection, no matter how it's done increases it. The so called aerodynamic blade sits in the highly turbulent area behind a bluff object and would accomplish little.
  8. Just wondering how the "Aerotech" behind the headers claim to work when it's well ..... behind the headers? Anyone who knows the slightest about aerodynamics can see at a glance that it would do zero. Calling marketing bullshit on this one. Chris.
  9. http://www.kbikeparts.com/classickbikes.com/ckb.tech/0.ckb.tech.files/mono2para/mono2para.htm If their is a will there is a way.
  10. Easy, place a bucket full of solvent large enough to contain the entire barrel, lean the bike over until the barrel is inverted in the bucket, leave overnight, rinse and repeat for the other side. Please send pics.
  11. Brake cleaner? If the coating on the caliper is proofed against brake fluid then I can't see a reason why a specific cleaner would effect it. Chris.
  12. Um, if your oil was silver I would really worry. That amount of metal particles would be, putting it mildly, bad.
  13. Don't have a V11 but my Bellagio is "Bella." And something else in Italian if it doesn't start....
  14. I find the issue of "startups interruptus" and it's fix basic common sense. Took my Bellagio to the local auto electrician and Harley enthusiast who knew nothing of Moto Guzzi's and his comment was "wierd". The only other thing he said was " pick it up this afternoon." $150AU later and he had re-wired most of the starter circuit including a 40 amp soloniod. To him it was simply the way it should have been done from factory. Although I am on my second starter motor with a theoretical diagnosis of the leading brush arcing out and not conducting. Now that if someone who has no Guzzi experience solve this in moments it staggers belief that 100years of experience could not do the same. Chris.
  15. Yep, I agree. The point was that at 52c in the blazing sun on a summer's day surrounded by diesel trucks and stopped in traffic with no air flow over the engine, I was almost passing out. And the engine ran faultlessly. If it was my old K75 BMW it would have boiled it's fuel easily and burnt my thigh when the fan cut in . As you might say, I part my buttocks at your water cooling. Chris.
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