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  1. Not a Guzzi, but a classic Gilera, and she even has safety gear! ;
  2. I've got to admit the whole Ann Margret segment of that film was HOT. Actually, what film was that even? I recall it in Italian. Was there ever an English version?
  3. Docc et all, thanks for keeping the thread alive. I've been busy trying to rescue a Guzzi smallblock group ( MG 750 ) since Yahoo has decided to abandon its groups program. Joe
  4. Docc and Footgoose, Sadly, I no have additional info on that prototype. Joe
  5. Docc, The issue of disappearing photos is that early in the development of V11 Lemans, they didn't host the photos themselves. They merely displayed photos that were hosted on other websites. This saved on the data V11Lemans had to carry, and made it easier for the site overall. The downside is that when a hosting website (like Flickr, photobucket, etc) has a lapse (user account is lost, site shuts down, etc) then the pic is off the web and off V11Lemans. It looks like currently V11Lemans is hosting the photos themselves, so the "disappearing photos" issue should stop for the new stuff. As an aside, I'm the webmaster for the Italian Motorcycle Owner's Club (IMOC) https://www.imoc.website/ Joe
  6. Funny, when I meet my fellow bikers the crowd doesn't look anything like this.
  7. I'm having a hard time identifying this bike. NSU? DKW? I think it more German than Italian, but definitely European.
  8. sign216


  9. Nessuno resiste al fascino dei grossi bicilindrici italiani! Nobody resists the charm of big Italian twins ! Joe
  10. Nobles, I love that poster. What dealer/era/region is it from? Joe
  11. Grabbed this from an Italian post, but they didn't know it's origin. Can anyone tell from the uniform or other clues where/when this is from?
  12. Docc, I and the rest of the (male) riding public, thank you. Joe
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