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  1. sign216


  2. Nessuno resiste al fascino dei grossi bicilindrici italiani! Nobody resists the charm of big Italian twins ! Joe
  3. Nobles, I love that poster. What dealer/era/region is it from? Joe
  4. Grabbed this from an Italian post, but they didn't know it's origin. Can anyone tell from the uniform or other clues where/when this is from?
  5. Docc, I and the rest of the (male) riding public, thank you. Joe
  6. Okay, let me make a plea for new additions to the thread Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi. We all could use some more of that. Joe
  7. I'm not sure, but I think it might be chipmunks, squirrel, maybe even mice eating the gooseberries. Rabbits are possible, but I haven't seen many of those. Chicken wire would stop rabbits, but not the small vermin. If it was rabbits, at least I could eat them. Finnish Content: The Finns are big hunters, and I suspect would welcome adding small game to the pot.
  8. Last year I planted five Finnish gooseberries, Hinnonmaki Red. Now I'm having problems w wildlife eating my harvest. That's my only connection to Finland...but how often can I bring up gooseberries in a Guzzi forum?
  9. At least one of those welders wasn't wearing appropriate protective clothing. Not that I mind.
  10. Obi Wan says; "Be mindful of your thoughts, Luke. They betray you."
  11. No love for Aprilia scooters, eh? Sad. How about for an old bacon-slicer?
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