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  1. I've installed temperature gauge oil dipsticks from MG Cycle (German made) on both my '03 V11 Le Mans and my '07 Ducati Monster S4R 998 Testastretta (liquid cooled). The typical running oil temp range on the Ducati is 85 - 90°C (185 - 194°F), while the range for the Guzzi is 100 - 110°C (212 - 230°F), riding on an 80°F day on both open roads and in town with traffic lights. Is this much of a operating temp difference normal between liquid and air-cooled engines? Are air-cooled engines designed to safely run that much hotter than liquid cooled engines? The red zone on the gauge starts at 120°C, which I've never hit on the V11. But is constant running between 100 - 110°C normal and ok for our V11s? Any shared knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 4corsa

    ANSWERED Best Relay

    I'm sorry, I have no idea what these would cost to ship to Norway.
  3. 4corsa

    ANSWERED Best Relay

    I received my 10 Omrons from Online Components two weeks ago. See attached, they say Made In USA, and work fine. Perhaps they can sell cheaper due to volume (min 10 per order). Anyway, if anyone is interested in the other 5 I now have, will ship to the lower 48 for $20.
  4. Seal Mate is 2 for 2 for me for fixing leaking forks on my bikes.
  5. Received my 10-pack of new Omron relays from Online Components (thanks Docc), and installed the 5, all good. That leaves 5 for anyone who needs them. $20 shipped within the continental US.
  6. I'm interested - thanks!
  7. Thank you for sharing this!
  8. ...exactly what I did a couple weeks ago. When i did the first dry run, they were off by just an 1/8" or so and needed a little adjusting and refitting. Glad I didn't have the sealant on at that point.
  9. You mean besides making sure the forks have enough clearance when steering?
  10. Has anyone else ever wished Guzzi made storage pods in the big empty space on the inside of both fairings? I swear you could get nearly a half gallon of storage on both sides and still have plenty of clearance for the fork rotation. So just curious if anyone in the past 20 years has made an attempt at having something custom made. I'm imaging how nice it would be to carry my fix a flat kit with air pump on one side, and sunglasses/shield spray and cloth on the other side. All without ruining the beautiful lines of the bike like tank bags do.
  11. Great! And the more you start consciously squeezing the tank with your knees, you'll be taking some weight off your wrists and using your core muscles more as well. Beautiful bike!
  12. Looks great, and anxious to hear how you like the grip and control after you've put in some spirited riding miles with them.
  13. I just shipped a pair of OEM aluminum oval slip-ons from my '03 Le Mans. The actual weight per the UPS digital scale was 23.72 lbs. I figure the box and packing material was maybe 1.5 - 2lbs max. So the stock cans weigh 11 lbs each (+ or - a few ounces). I wish I had an accurate method to weigh my oval carbon Mistrals before installing them, but they certainly are a lot lighter. My best guess is they weigh between 4 and 5lbs each. So total weight saved should be 12lbs.
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