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  1. TLM responded to my email that they are no longer making the V11 rear hugger, and are out of stock [emoji22] Let me know if anyone wants to part with theirs!
  2. Any idea if the Teo Lamers version is still available? Is it best to contact them at www.tlm.nl , or are there other distributors (anyone in the US)? Thanks!
  3. 4corsa

    WTB: Fuse Box cover

    Awesome - thanks Docc. I will be unapologetically plagiarizing your labels!
  4. 4corsa

    WTB: Fuse Box cover

    Guzzi no longer supplies the V11 Fuse Block. Luckily I found the OEM ATC & ATO block offered for $11 at Del City. I've also added this under the Forum's Encyclopedia of Compatible parts.
  5. OEM Part Name: Fuse Block Moto Guzzi Part Number: GU01743030 Replacement Part Brand or Source: ATC & ATO available at Del City (see attached photo) $11 Part number or other identifier: "ATC & ATO Block - 8 way" Comments:. This is the exact OEM fuse block that Guzzi used in my 03 Le Mans
  6. ...and if there are two available out there, I'll take the second one!
  7. My newly acquired '03 Le Mans arrived without a fuse box cover. Looking to buy a used one. Thanks!
  8. Ohlins are really worth it if you're an advanced track day rider (which I really wouldn't recommend with a V11).
  9. ...having owned a Scura with Ohlins, and now a Le Man's with Marzocchis, I can say they are both very good when properly set up. The Ohlins are maybe marginally more compliant over bumps while remaining firm under braking and cornering.
  10. There's a great video on YouTube that compares an Aprilia RS V-Twin to a Rosso Corsa "it's Monica Belluci vs Sophia Loren". Very funny and well done - one of the best quotes is "the Ohlins on the Guzzi is like paying for breast implants for your granny". That said, both guys picked the Guzzi over the Aprilia in the end!
  11. You are too kind docc, and you have awesome emojis! I have no excuse, I lived in Florence for 2 years where I contracted this terrible disease that makes me love everything Italian (Guzzis, Ducatis, Alfa Romeos, Sofia Loren, Prosecco...), and speak Italian reasonably well. I should cross-checked with the original Italian instructions 🤪 Anyway, filled it up to .850 and the good ol Redline is right in the middle of the glass. Glad the Pawl Spring job is done, and can't wait to ride her tomorrow!
  12. Thanks guys, .850 liters is what I thought I recalled from my old Scura. So here's where I got the info in the manual. On this page it says "transmission box" at 0.37 liters. Then I flipped to the previous page where it of course states "Rear transmission box". Doh!
  13. ...I rotated that plate fully counter-clockwise and re-assembled everything. Bike seems to shift well (at least 1st, neutral, and 2nd gear in the garage). Raining so will test ride tomorrow. One odd thing, I filled the gear oil with 0.37 liters as prescribed in the manual, and not showing up in the site glass (yes, drain plug in and bike vertical. I put in a little bit more, and still nothing, even after tilting the bike to the right of vertical. Will take it for a ride around the block and check the site glass tomorrow.
  14. I'm about to re-assmeble with new Scudd spring. Can anyone tell me if this rotating plate needs to be in a specific position? Could not see it during disassembly. Thanks.
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