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  1. A few days late, but wanted to report another successful 3-day 700 mile Catskill Mountains tour. Return home day 3 was moderate rain the whole way, but no issues whatsoever. Same goes for my friend's Duc. [emoji123]
  2. Just got back from a 3 day 730 mile tour with friends in the Catskill Mountains. First tour for my 03 Le Mans, and happy to say she performed flawlessly - such a pleasure to ride on 50 - 80 mph sweepers!
  3. Bottom line for me is it's more beautiful and desirable than almost any new bike available at any dealer showroom in the past 15+ years - period.
  4. ...just pulled my current plugs, they also measure .85 to .9mm (.035"). They look fine - good tan color. But that gap is 20-25% more than spec. Seems like a lot to me.
  5. Just received a new pair of NGK BPR6ES, they have a 0.85mm gap. Dave Richardson (p. 145 Guzziology), lists 0.7mm for these plugs for the V11, but he also states "more gap is always better but only up to the limit of the coil's output". Anyone happen to know what that limit is?
  6. New oil pressure switch arrived and installed, behold - red light with key on, and it goes out when engine is started. Thank God for little miracles (and knowledgeable friends on this forum!).
  7. I agree, and always considered the two separate issues, unless related to cleaning the ground cables at the battery, which proved not the case for the oil pressure warning light. It was just convenient to work on both at the same time, with fairing removed, etc.
  8. You are correct Lucky Phil and thank you. I should have done that first, but got side tracked with a number of the items that were related to the starter issue, mainly getting to the ignition and taking that apart. But thank you again for your help - much appreciated!
  9. Many thanks Docc and gstallons! I'll let you know if the be switch solves the problem. Seems like it must be it.
  10. The pin male connector of the oil pressure switch is not grounded neither with key on or off. There must not be continuity to the engine case. I connected my test light clip to the pin and touched the probe to the positive battery terminal with key on and off - no light.
  11. Ok, so when I connect a grounded wire to the disconnected oil pressure switch wire, I get the bulb to light with key on engine off!
  12. Checking that in a minute Docc, meanwhile, here is that circuit in the wiring diagram. #12 being the oil pressure switch:
  13. Also, I'm assuming the connector to the oil pressure switch is supposed to have just one wire.
  14. Ok so with koeo, using my grounded test light with probe inside the oil pressure switch socket, I am getting NO light, no power.
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