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  1. Hi Harry - PM sent. Thanks, Greg
  2. its the most fun bike i've owned. Super light and easy to ride. It has the 998 Testastretta engine - so more than enough power.
  3. Thanks for the reminder- just updated it.
  4. Indeed I did sell it, and hope it's being enjoyed as much as I did.
  5. Looking to buy a well-maintained 2003-05 LeMans or Nero Corsa with low(ish) miles and in excellent condition. Service records a big plus. Preferred color is black. Willing to pay a little over the current going value for a nice one. I live in the Philadelphia area. If you've got one and thinking about selling, please email me at 749corsa@gmail.com. Thanks! Greg
  6. Anyone happen to know if the Coppa Italias have the aluminum flywheel?
  7. 4corsa


  8. thanks - i don't need it now, but eyeing an '04 LeMans and putting together the potential to-do list!
  9. I'm trying to find info on what model year the factory upgraded the pawl spring. I've searched a bunch of different topics, but cannot find the info - I could have sworn that i read years ago that by 2004 the factory was installing upgraded pawl springs. Am i making that up?
  10. If any of you are interested in selling your Nero Corsa, please let me know! email 749corsa@gmail.com
  11. Hello All. I’ve decided to sell my beloved V11 Scura #599. This was not an easy decision as i’ve thoroughly enjoyed this bike for the past 5 years, but i’ve decided to get a sport touring bike for long distance tours. For those of you who may not know, the Scura is a very limited edition version of the V11 Sport with many upgrades including Ohlins suspension front and rear, Ohlins steering damper, carbon fiber fenders, air pods, tank and gauge panel, uprated Brembo brakes, single disc clutch and lightweight aluminum flywheel. This has to be one of the best Scuras in the country - its in near perfect condition with all recommended service up to date. It had a full rear end service 3 years (4,500 miles) ago with front and rear splines lubricated. Both transmission and rear end gear oil were changed two years ago, and of course engine oil changed annually. The front forks were serviced and seals replaced 3 years ago. The following is the list of upgrades I’ve done in the past few years: Mistral Carbon Fiber Slip ons $1100 Mistral Crossovers $350 K&N Air Filter Power Commander III with installed map for the above modifications $350 Ghezzi Brian Carbon Fiber Chin Spoiler $350 Custom black leather seat cover with red stitching $150 Lightweight lithium battery $175 Tekno saddle bags and frames (made specifically for the V11) $250 Pazzo adjustable levers Polished aluminum valve covers The result is a lighter bike (16 pounds lighter due to the Mistral exhaust and lithium battery) with about a 5% increase in power. It runs very strong, and sounds great - somewhat louder than stock. Everything works, no leaks, clutch is very snappy with no drag. Needs nothing. Current Mileage is 24,500. Price: $6700. Please email me @ 749corsa@gmail.com with any questions and for additional photos. Thank you. Greg
  12. This Post is an attempt to make rational sense of the various reports of premature Scura OEM single disc clutch & aluminum flywheel failures, to try to establish accurate numbers and mileage at failures, AND current mileage on OEM clutch and flywheels that have not failed. Over the past decade there have been numerous theories and perhaps 20 or so confirmed reports of failures. Some have said the US models are free of these problems. There were approximately 700 Scuras produced in 2002 - 2003, each with a number plate. I'm thinking if everyone who owns a Scura could provide: # of their Scura; country of purchase; approximate date and mileage of failure (if occurred); and current mileage - we might be able to eventually establish a pattern and a range of Scura production that was most susceptible. Perhaps there were a couple months where there was an unknown production problem such as incorrect torque spec used on the center bolts, or a run of substandard flywheels. Hopefully, we will also establish a range of Scuras that have little chance of premature failure. Please forward this post to anyone you know who owns (or owned) a Scura. Thanks! I'll start the list: 2002 Scura #599, purchased in the US, NO FAILURES, current mileage 22,500 miles.
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