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Happy New Year 2017-> 2018

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Care and feeding of a V11 on New Year's Eve:


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Happy New Year Doc and to everyone on this forum.

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v11 Naked 1.jpg
Yes, happy 2018 Docc & everyone.

Just to provide a global perspective, us southern hemisphere Guzzi owners are enjoying a great summer. Not everyone on the planet is miserably cold at the moment.
The photo is of a little care and feeding for my V11, using the new maintenance stand I finally got around to making.
Having the bike sit level overnight on this stand means that I can check the, engine, gearbox & transmission oil levels accurately.
Shockproof Heavy is too thick to show the level on the gearbox sight glass when I hold the bike up off the sidestand. Usually I got tired of waiting, and added oil. The gearbox oil "leak" disappeared when I drained the oil level down to the middle of the sight glass after settling overnight.
The bevel box was a little overfull too. Just removing the level plug after sitting on the stand overnight drained off a little excess oil.

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Nice job on the stand,Marty. HNY to all!

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